10 Summer Activities for Your Family

10 Summer Activities for Your Family

Summer is a wonderful time. Your kids are on summer vacation. The weather is warmer. The daylight lasts longer. Many people pack fun into their summer, so they’re enjoying life. This summer, you can take advantage of the warm air, freedom, and sunshine to plan fun activities with your family.

Summer is a great time for your family to take trips, visit relatives, or repair things around the house. In the winter, it’s often hard to plan family activities that everyone enjoys. In the summer, however, almost everyone will enjoy the following activities. Don’t let the sunny days pass you by! Instead, do one or more of these summer activities with your family. Here are our ten favorite summer activities.

Take a Big Trip

Every summer, you have the chance to take a vacation. The kids aren’t in school. The weather’s warmer. It’s the perfect chance to get out and explore! When your kids are still young, it’s harder to take daring vacations. However, once everyone is old enough to handle a trip, you could consider making this year a “big trip” year. You could do anything from visit London to stay in caravan parks in Cairns . This summer might be the perfect chance to make family memories.

Take a Small Trip

Speaking of family memories, studies show that family vacations might be among your children’s most treasured memories, forever. It’s important to take trips with them whenever you can. You might not able to afford a big overseas trip this year, but you can still explore nearby cities. Check out attractions to explore in Vicksburg, MS , or visit the Wisconsin Dells. You don’t have to travel for long or spend much money, but you can still take your kids on a trip this summer.

Visit Grandparents

Besides going on a long trip, you can also get everyone together to go visit grandparents. You might live within an easy drive of grandparents, in which case, you can make a day trip out of going to see them. You might live further, and you could make plans to fly or drive across the country. If your parents do live far, you’ll want to stay with them or near them for a few days to make up for the travel time. Your kids will love this chance to see their grandparents, and your parents will enjoy it, too.


It’s a great idea to volunteer with your kids, whenever you can. Studies show that kids who volunteer tend to become healthy adults, and a history of volunteering could help your kids win college scholarships. You can all volunteer together this summer, whether it’s every week or just one day. Your kids will respect you for it, and you’ll be helping them lay the foundation for a better life. Monkey see, monkey do: so volunteer.

Have a Movie Night

A lot of summer activities involve going outside. Some summer days, however, are too hot to enjoy anything outside. For the nights when mosquitoes infest your yard, or your clothes stick to your skin, you can stay inside with your family and enjoy the air conditioning. A movie night is a great way for everyone to have fun, with popcorn, snacks, soda, or pizza. As long as you can all decide on a movie, a summer movie night is a great way for everyone to hang out.

Get a Trampoline

If you wish your kids spent more time outside, then a trampoline for kids could be a perfect cure. Your kids would love to have a trampoline. Their friends will come over to hang out and try it, and they’ll be able to entertain themselves all summer long. You’ll even enjoy getting on it sometimes, too. You can look at a trampoline size chart to start finding the best trampoline for your family.

Visit a National Park

America is filled with gorgeous national parks, and there’s a lot worth seeing. It’s a great idea to awe your kids, at a young age, with nature. The more they appreciate the world around them, the better care they’ll take of their planet. Help inspire your kids to love nature, hiking, and the planet by taking them to a nearby national park this summer. Plus, your kids can remember their trip with national park posters. National parks are a great way to spend your family’s time.

Finish a Home Project

You might have a lot of things you want to accomplish around the house this summer. What better way to keep your kids active, and accomplish that task, than by making them help you? Jokes aside, a home project is a great way to teach your kids some new skills and get them involved. You can paint the walls together, paint the siding, or plant a garden. A day of family home repair can be fun for everyone-- and be sure to reward your laborers with pizza.

Do an Art Project

You might not be able to corral your teenagers into making yarn and noodle crafts, but any of your younger kids will enjoy a family art project or two this summer. You can find endless schemes and ideas online, and together, you can make mini Egyptian mummies, windchimes, or even something more grown up, like a coffee table. Get your kids involved in a new project, and help teach them important skills.

Go to the Beach

Summer is the perfect time to go to the beach, and this summer, you should make a day trip out of a visit to the water. Pack a picnic, some sand castle supplies, a beach ball or two, and everyone’s swimsuits. Don’t forget extra towels and sunscreen. You can enjoy the sun and the sand, real waves, and all kinds of beach related fun. Your kids will love the novelty of the trip, and you can relax while they’re playing in the sand.