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Pros and cons of Fiber cement Siding

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , May 07, 2018

Here you will find all that you can achieve by using fiber cement siding and what flaws will accompany.

For siding there are many materials use. Some have been in the market for very long but compared to these there is a newer material, fiber cement. It is a mixture of sand and fibers. The material is different from the traditional ones and has its own pros and cons. To discover whether you should use it for your home’s siding you must be well aware of what it has to offer. Here you will find all that you can achieve by using fiber cement siding and what flaws will accompany.



Fiber cement is an artificially made product and thus it shows great resilience against the normal issues like wind, rain, snow, hail. It doesn’t rot, or crack. Warping is also not an issue with fiber-cement. With areas that experience strong winds regularly or hurricanes this material is ideal for them. It is even pest resistant unlike wood. Unlike wood which catches fire real quick and the vinyl siding which falls off the house if the temperature reaches 165°C Fiber cement is prone to flame and doesn’t get damage in case of contact.


The previous materials were known to cause damage to the environment first by not being recyclable and secondly by being non-biodegradable. With fiber cement the material is not recyclable but when it is broken down it doesn’t give out any toxic chemicals that can damage the environment.


Fiber cement offers a long durability period. It is known to remain in perfect shape for 50 years least. The companies providing the sidings often give a warranty of around 30-50 years. This means once you install it you won’t have to worry above a new one anytime soon.



The insulation is the protection the siding provides the house from outside heat. It doesn’t let the heat enter the house in summers while in winters it helps keep the warmth of the house inside. The quality of insulation is determined by the insulation value. The value of fiber cement is 0.5 while that of vinyl is 0.61. Fiber cement doesn’t provide as good insulation as vinyl.


Fiber cement is an expensive material. If you go for it be ready to pay a lot more than what you were ready to pay for vinyl siding. The difference is of $7/ square foot. Fiber cement when compared to wood and vinyl is more costly but if compared to brick it is quite cheap. It majorly depends on the budget you have to spend on siding and depending on it you can make a choice.


The paint that comes with the fiber cement siding is known to last for 25 years only. After this period repainting becomes mandatory. In contrast to this colorfast vinyl siding doesn’t need any repainting whatsoever. To keep the paint intact you will have to spray with low pressure water source on the siding and this process needs to be repeated every 6-12.

You now have the knowledge about fiber cement and you can choose whether this is the right choice depending on where you live and what your budget is. If you need further help you can contact siding contractors in downriver MI.

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