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Owning a gun in the US – what to think about

by Editor (editor), , May 03, 2018

In order to ensure that you meet the requirements for ownership and that you choose the right firearm for you.

If you are thinking of buying a gun for the first time, it helps to spend some time planning first. You will be joining between one third and half of Americans who own a firearm (accurate statistics are hard to find as many states do not require licensing or permits).

Before you start looking at sites such as, to find the gun and equipment that you want, it's a good idea to make sure you have done some research, in order to ensure that you meet the requirements for ownership and that you choose the right firearm for you.

What are the state restrictions applying to you?

Gun laws are always instigated at federal level, but individual states can put stricter restrictions in place, if they choose to do so. Here are some of the laws that may apply in your state.

  • Licenses or permits are required to own a gun.
  • Ownership of guns must be reported to police or another law enforcement agency.
  • Open carry may or may not be permitted, although concealed carry is always permitted.
  • There could be additional restrictions in place regarding the ownership of semi-automatic firearms.

You need to find out what, if any, state restrictions apply, before you spend money on purchasing a gun.

What sort of gun is the right choice?

Once you know that you can legally own a firearm, and if there are any restrictions on which type you can buy, you need to choose the best gun for you. You need to choose one that is suited to your stature and the size of your hand; in other words, you should never buy a gun that you are not able to handle safely. You also need to think about why you are buying a firearm; will it simply be kept in your home for protection, or do you intend to use it for recreational purposes? Never buy a gun solely based on low cost because you are unlikely to get a decent weapon.

Where should you buy a gun?

There are plenty of reputable gun dealerships online, who can give you all of the advice that you may need before you buy a firearm. You may also want to think about calling in to a local dealership where you can see the guns first hand. Do not forget that a licensed dealer will need to carry out a background check on you, so be prepared for this to happen.

Once you have purchased your firearm, it's important that you learn how to use and maintain it. There is no point in having a gun for protection if you do not know how to fire it properly; this is only likely to put you in greater danger. Start firearms training straight away and make sure that you maintain and store your firearm safely and in a responsible manner.

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