Becoming Part of The Lawyers of Distinction Twitter Page

Even if you’re a very successful lawyer in your field, there is always room to grow. At some point in your career, you’ll probably find yourself at a stand still, where it seems like you’ve reached your max amount of clients and taken on as many new attorneys as you possibly could. You won’t feel this way after you’ve become a member of Lawyers of Distinction.

Marketing and advertising budgets can get hefty is you’re looking for things like SEO and pay per click services. Both will definitely increase the traffic on your website, but is it worth the monthly expense? In today’s day and age, many people are taking to social media to attempt to market their business. In doing so, you’ve probably created accounts on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and gunned for likes on follows on each of them. With client-attorney confidentiality, there’s not much you can post besides major public wins, accolades, improvements to the firm, or maybe even new hires. Social media marketing can get tricky when you’re promoting your own service because of course you’re going to advertise that you’re the best in the area. This is why an area for reviews and comments is key. On social media, there are plenty of outlets where current or previous customers can comment on your posts, talking about how much they enjoyed working with you. This is almost a necessity in a service business as personal as law.

Even with multiple accounts on multiple platforms, it’s hard to grow your following for a lawyer. People want to follow accounts that post inspirational quotes, or videos of the best football catches in history, not so much a local lawyer. Luckily, there are other ways to get your name out on social media accounts.

Lawyers of Distinction is a vanity marketing organization that you can be a part of if you meet the standards and are proven to be exceptional in your field of law. After you or a peer nominates you, you will go through a vetting process conducted by Lawyers of Distinction’s Selection Committee. If you pass the background check, meet the standard for ethics, practice professionalism, and have great peer reviews, you might be selected to join Lawyers of Distinction as a new member. If this happens, you’ll be awarded with a physical plaque that will display the honor within your office as well as valuable marketing tools that can help your online presence and bring new clients to your doorstep.

Lawyers of Distinction has a new feature where their website has a member directory where you can search by specialty or even location to find a lawyer. This feature gets about 5000 views a day; meaning potential clients are viewing your name. They also have a popular Twitter page where new member inductees are named, pictured, and given a link to their bio. This is huge in marketing because of the page’s growing presence on Twitter as well as the bio link and name-to-face relationship. The Twitter page is currently followed by 688 people including law firm accounts from around the country, law professionals, and people in the market for finding an attorney. Because it’s an honor to be highlighted on the Twitter page, when potential clients see your name and face there, they’ll automatically know you have an exceptional reputation.

In an industry like law, reputation is everything. Joining a membership organization like Lawyers of Distinction has the ability to take your practice to the next level. With an increased online presence, social media highlights, published rosters, an online membership database, and even the right to utilize the organization trademarks and logos, will put you a step above the rest. Nominate yourself or a peer today and maybe you’ll see yourself on the Lawyers of Distinction twitter page soon.