Ecommerce Trends to Watch in 2018

The growth of ecommerce is mind blowing and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. It helps you keep up with the latest online shopping trends and if you’re into sales it helps you boost your clients’auctions. In the US, 11% of online shoppers shop via their smartphones on a weekly basis and 35% says it has become their main purchasing tool.

As ecommerce evolves, there are a few trends set to dominate in 2018. Here are a few!


It is believed that automation is the most effective way for online merchants to scale their ecommerce business. As technology advances, a lot of people believe in using automation tools that having to complete your tasks manually. There are kits that complete tasks such as email marketing, creates ad campaigns for Facebook and Instagram. Over 50% of online shoppers prefer using such apps to get in touch with other firms instead of having to use email, contact forms or phones.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is another big trend that can not only save time by automating tasks, but also making better decisions and converting and retaining more customers. Machine learning is a current application of AI that is based around the idea that we should be able to give machines access to data which they learn by themselves. In Ecommerce, this allows your device to learn the kind of things you like to purchase, so you get notified about new but similar launches and more. So, if you’re purchasing an item, your device will remember it.

Voice Search

As technology advances, your voice gains more prominence as voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa become more common. It has been proven that 20% of google searches on mobile are conducted through voice prior to making a purchase. A report from BI Intelligence shows that the younger you are, the more likely you will switch to and prefer using voice activated searches as opposed to search engines.

Easier Checkout

Thanks to the various forms of payment online like Android Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and others, the traditional checkout form is being used lesser every day. One-Click purchasing makes online shopping more convenient for many people worldwide. Making sure your website is optimised for mobile is the first step, then using various options on the site makes it easier to checkout and use. Similar to this, you will find that is optimised for mobile apps like Android and Apple. As these interfaces are responsive to the site, you will also find yourself open to a wide selection of payment methods to make your deposits or withdrawals. So, anytime, you decide to play some top games at Vegas Spins, you are sure that you’re choosing the safest online casino.

Simplicity Over Complexity

More brands invest and concentrate in quality content over flashiness this year. For most retailers, they have finally learnt to understand that their websites are all about serving the customers and not themselves. While flashy technologies are fun and exciting, they have to be used with purpose. So, it’s a great choice to get something more practical to use.

Whatever strategy you will pursue in 2018, test your shopping experience at all times. Go through the sites or pay for a user test. You could probably ask someone you don’t know to give you their thoughts about the website you are planning to register on or use.