2018 Prom Dress Trends

Prom night is one of the most important occasions of a teenager’s life. Every young woman wants to make a statement in a beautiful gown for this special, once-in-a-lifetime event. There’s a lot to consider when choosing the ideal dress. Before you let the shopping commence, take a moment to refresh yourself on the hottest 2018 prom dress trends.

Jessica is a designer at JJsHouse, a premier online retailer that specializes in dresses for all types of special occasions. When it comes to prom, Jessica says, “It’s never too soon to start your search for the perfect prom dress. Pick a gorgeous gown that’s trending now and all eyes will be on you for the big night.” To help you get started, we have some exclusive information to share on the seven hottest prom dress styles for 2018.

Style 1: Colorful Embroidered Lace

A colorful embroidered lace prom dress is a unique choice that will definitely have you standing out from the crowd. Embroidery work is almost always done by hand, so these dresses each have a personality all their own. Floral embroidery is very popular, but there are also plenty of other designs to choose from.

Style 2: High-Slit Style

The high-slit style dress is one of the sexiest options for young women. This style is a favorite among celebrities. These dresses are usually tight to show off your curves and feature a flowing bottom with a thigh-high slit on one side. This style is ideal for girls who have a lot of self-confidence and want to show some skin in a classy way.

Style 3: Two-Piece Style

Two-piece style prom dresses are another sexy option for young women. These dresses feature a form-fitting crop top paired with a skirt that can be loose and flowy, long and tight or mermaid-style. Jessica’s advice for a two-piece style prom dress is to “always choose a long skirt with a two-piece style prom dress. A short skirt with a crop top is too informal. This is a sexy look that should have a touch of sophistication for your big night.”

Style 4: Sequins and Geometric Sequins

Sequins and geometric sequins can be used to create dazzling, eye-catching effects that add a level of drama to a prom dress. This style can be bold and beautiful, but the dress must fit impeccably in order for it to be done right.

Style 5: Tassel Dress

The tassel dress has a classic element and the tassels make it a lot of fun to dance in. It’s always on trend to add a 1920’s flapper vibe to this type of dress style, but the designs can vary a lot and all of them are fun and elegant. Consider long tassels or layered tassels for more movement on the dance floor.

Style 6: Velvet Fabric

There’s not much more elegant and timeless than a wine-colored velvet dress with a mermaid cut for prom. If you’re looking to be the classiest young woman at the event, definitely consider your velvet dress options. Opt for dark colors, which never go out of style.

Style 7: One-Shoulder Design

The one-shoulder design, or asymmetrical prom dress, is a creative option that comes in many different styles. Get the strap embroidered or use a long sleeve on one arm for drama. This classic cut is always in style.

Wear the Dress – Don’t Let the Dress Wear You

Now that you know what’s trending for 2018, you can choose a style that suits your personality and body type. Jessica’s advice for finding the perfect prom dress is to “understand your body and what makes you comfortable. Confidence is sexy and you don’t want your dress to end up wearing you…try on some different styles so you get to know what suits you and what looks better on the rack.” With a trendy, show-stopping gown, the spotlight will be on you.