9 Pieces Of Jewellery For Every Summer Girl

Are you the one who gets super excited by the idea of summer? Do you long to put on your shorts and explore the town? Do you love the idea of getting a tan and really don’t bother much of what SPF you are using? Not the one to shun outdoor activities just because ‘the sun is out again’? Well then, you are definitely THE Summer Girl - someone who won’t mind when the sun shines a lot brighter! For exactly someone like you, Rockrush has brought 9 pieces of summer jewellery to colour the long days with a lot of glam and glitter. Read on.

1. Being a summer girl, don’t you feel this season should last a bit longer? Maybe for infinity? Make this wish with Diamond Infinity Heart Earrings and we bet the heavens will hear you out!

2. Spring fashion is anything that you make of it. We heart this Diverse Dual Finger Ring which is a piece of classic summer jewellery for all your brunch dates.

3. This is what the season gives you: FREEDOM. Freedom to be yourself, freedom to indulge in tubs of ice-cream and glasses of lemonade. This summer, wear what you preach.

4. Customized gold jewellery is the trend which gives you plenty of options to make jewellery as per your choice. Rockrush gives you a ‘golden’ opportunity to customise jewellery to your heart’s content. Here, the S in this pendant stands for Summer..This one goes directly into your ‘Summer must-haves’ kit.

5. Nature bestows a series of changes on the arrival of spring and summer. The trees blossom, the birds start to build their nests and everything is much more colourful! The Subtle Leaf Diamond Nose Pin is a small way to commemorate the beauty of the season.

6. The Sheer Swirl Diamond Bracelet belongs to the classic spring fashion which is our go-to style for the summer parties. Not over the top, not too simple – the gold bracelet is the perfect accessory to wear with a sundress.

7. Be it a tank top or the LBD that you are wearing to work - complete your look with this Classic Crown Diamond Band and let the world know who truly owns the summer!

8. Summer calls for chill parties and unwinding with cocktails at the end of long days. Finish off any of your OOTDs with this Cocktail Glass Charm.

P.S – this glass won’t spill, just spoil you for choice.

9. Danglers are bae. Give wings to your soul and soar high with these Freedom Wing Danglers. Classy and classic – the two Cs make this diamond and pearl earrings set the summer jewellery trend in motion.

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