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Types Of Vacuum Cleaners For You To Take The Final Pick From

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , April 09, 2018

We will discuss about the five most common types of vacuum cleaners which can perk up the aesthetic value of your dwelling place in no time.


Our home cleaning task has become comparatively quicker since the advent of vacuum cleaners. Such is its magnanimous presence that people who have been vacuuming on a regular basis, simply cannot imagine maintain harmony in their household without the aid of this mechanical device. However, purchasing the best vacuum well-suited with your home requirements might seem pretty daunting given the wide variety of models and brands to choose from. Today we will discuss about the five most common types of vacuum cleaners which can perk up the aesthetic value of your dwelling place in no time.

  • Handheld

Perfect for those hard-to-reach areas, the handheld vacuums as the name suggests can be held in one hand while proceeding with the cleaning drill. It is mostly used while vacuuming cars where it can suck up the dirt and debris trapped in even the trickiest of places. However, it won’t be of much help in cleaning the floor since the process would become extremely time taking in such a case. Handheld vacuums come in both cordless and corded varieties for helping us in completing the cleaning drill much easily given its light weight ergonomics. But don’t let their small shape trick you as they come with oodles of power while running at a minimum of 4 amps. This helps the handheld models in picking up dust bunnies, spills and pet hair without having to make multiple passes over the same area. These models sometimes come with accessories such as a telescoping handle or extension tube for dusting the blinds, baseboards and pesky cobwebs growing in the ceiling corners.

  • Canister

They serve as a confluence of the stick and upright model as they bring along the best of both worlds in terms of supreme power and slender architecture. These vacuums can take on carpeted area as well as bare flooring braced with the separate canister which comes attached to the long wand. In spite of being pretty hefty on the price frontier, this vacuum type serves as one of the most popular cleaning aids courtesy the large array of functionalities it tags along. The vacuuming is done through a hose having an attachment at the end while the dust collector and the motor is housed in a separate unit. They have greater flexibility compared to the upright variants given the large array of attachments and ability to reach out to difficult spaces.

  • Upright

These highly sought-after cleaners bring along unprecedented power which gets accentuated with its easy-to-understand controls. These variants are perfect for houses having large carpet areas. Its long hose couples with the suction head and big dustbin for vacuuming tricky floor areas such as stairs with equal ease. The transition from carpets to bare floors can be controlled by foot as the motorized brush of the upright vacuums do the trick.

  • Stick

In spite of being the least powerful amongst the vacuum cleaners, the stick models have managed to curve out a niche for themselves given their ability of creeping into narrow places and getting a commendable job done while cleaning hardwood floors, light carpeting and area rugs. These vacuums can be easily tucked into the corner of your closet courtesy its slender build. They even emit a low decibel level in comparison to its peers. Some of the stick models ranking high on versatility can even be converted into handheld models to make the cleaning process easier on the go.

  • Robot

Just as the name suggests, these vacuums do not require human intervention for its operation. They can take up the cleaning drill by themselves in accordance with the set instructions and gather up all the dust before returning back to the docking station for charging up once again. Some can even empty the accumulated debris at the docking station. These robot vacuums make use of infrared sensors to detect obstacles coming their way. The advanced models are paired with touch-sensitive bumper which comes to a sudden halt when it accidentally collides with certain household objects.

These products of technology can save valuable time and protect our health coupled with advanced filters which can bid adieu to minute bacteria which physical cleaning can’t remove.

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