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Seven Ways to Get Fit Without Exercising on Purpose

by herbertp343 (writer), , April 06, 2018

Not everyone enjoys exercising, and some will avoid it at all cost. It’s tough, it can be painful. Here’s how to get fit and healthy without even trying.

The Easiest Ways to Get Fit and Healthy by Accident

We all know that a healthy lifestyle is essential to happiness and being a balanced person. It effects our energy levels, our mood, our self-confidence, even how much and how effectively we rest. And, we all know that the worst part of getting fit, is pushing through the pain to go from couch cushion guardian to walking up a hill, feeling like death would be easier, and less painful to say the least, and unattractive, and did we mention painful?

So, in sympathy to all unfit bodies, we have compiled a list of ways to get fit. By accident. Enjoy.

Pick an Activity That Isn’t Classified as Exercise.

This may seem a bit counterproductive, since your goal is to get fit, but if the idea of running a 5k terrifies you, or the germ-infested gym pool makes you want to check into the nearest hospital just thinking about it, then this is for you. Take up a dance class; even ballroom dancing is serious exercise. Ice-skating, most figure skaters can skate rings around the ice hockey players. Do you have a belly, why not put it to good use and try belly dancing?

There are so many options when you start looking. Look for anything that makes you use your body and it counts as exercise.


There is a reason Pokémon Go was so popular. Geocaching is similar but more fun because there is actual stuff to find. Grab a friend, head for the great outdoors and start hunting. You’ll be amazed by how many steps you clock up or how far up a mountain you will go in the pursuit of treasure, and if you don’t find it, play a game of online blackjack NZ and win your own.

Play with Your Kids

And yes, fur kids count. In fact, if your kids are teenager age, and thus terrified of fresh air, can’t live without Instagram age, fur kids may be your better bet. Plus, if you don’t have any, you can volunteer at your nearest shelter, and get your good deed for the day in at the same time.

Kids, both the human and furry kind are full of energy, so all you need to do is follow their lead. Go to the beach and jump over the waves, throw a ball, build a sandcastle (those moats don’t fill themselves). Wrestle or have tickling competitions. It’s quality time for you and them, and it burns mega calories.


It’s great for your confidence, it teaches self-defence and discipline, its calming and helps you focus and it relieves stress. Guy or girl, guaranteed there is an MMA class you’ll enjoy. Not up for joining a club? Buy yourself a boxing bag and some gloves, and open a can of whip ass at home. Just check that you are throwing those punches correctly.


No one likes a dirty apartment. So, get to cleaning, the proper scrub the bathroom grouting with a toothbrush kind. You’ll be grateful you did when your mother-in-law comes around or you bring your latest crush over.

Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Tourists clock up serious miles exploring destinations and so can you. We bet that you haven’t seen all the tourist spots in your home town, so grab your walking shoes and get exploring, you will put many miles on those soles.

None of these activities need any more motivation than just wanting to do something fun. So grab a friend, borrow a kid, or pack your sweats and get going, to a stronger, happier, healthier you.

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