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How to Assist Your Childs Early Development for Their Future

by herbertp343 (writer), , April 06, 2018

Most parents will naturally achieve some of the developmental goals while having their kids at home, through everyday interactions like playing and chatting.

The Importance of Your Children’s Early Development

The importance of your child’s early development cannot be underestimated. By investing extra energy into helping your tiny one develop, you are ensuring that you have given them the best possible start in life.

Here are some of the skills you want to develop and ideas on how to do so.

Foundation Concepts

Foundation concepts are the concepts that all further academic learning requires to be successful. Once your child understands these, their future mathematics and reading skills will be greatly advanced.

Start by identifying basic shapes. Circles, squares, triangles. Make up a poster with shapes and their names underneath and cut outs with the names on the back. Big ones and small ones, assorted colours. Everyday take out the shapes and show them to your child, you will be amazed at how quickly they pick up the various names.

The World Around Them

Point out everyday things as you go about your business. Making breakfast? Talk about the pan and where eggs come from. Point out the different types of vehicles like motorcycles or buses, and different trees, flowers and bugs.

All these external stimuli give your child a sense of the world, and the new experiences will help them adapt more quickly to the new experiences they will encounter at school.

Answer Their Questions – All of Them

Exhausting we know, but children are naturally curious, and this is something you want to cultivate not squash. Answer all the questions they ask, explain the complicated concepts to them. If they get used to questioning things at home, rest assured that when they get to school, if there is a concept they don’t understand, they will have no problem asking their teachers to explain.

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Personal Development

This is the kind of development skill that parents often struggle with. It can be difficult especially in the fast-paced world we live in, but plan a bit of extra time around these activities so that your child has every opportunity to get these done on their own.

When getting dressed, allow your child to pick their own outfit and if they can, even if it’s painfully slowly, allow them to dress themselves. If they get confused about which way the t-shirt is supposed to go on, give them a few minutes to try and figure it out. Let them go to the toilet alone, so they can start remembering things like flushing and washing their hands when they are done, without reminders.

Teachers don’t have time to accompany every child to the loo, you want your child ready, confident and germ free when the time comes.

Teach Your Children to Listen

The easiest and most fun way to achieve this is by reading to your child. Allow them to follow along in the book, discuss the pictures and ask them questions about the story so they can start practising their recall skills. Allowing them to follow along also helps them to start identifying the shapes of letters and words, and the sounds associated with them.

Coordination and Motor skills

These are the same skills that will help them to write, and not stab themselves in the eye with their pencil. Give them many different textured items to play with, like beanbags and play dough. Cut out different shapes, play with building blocks or spend some time throwing or rolling balls in the park.

Remember it is never too early to start. Trust us, your kids are learning right from the day they are born, so just because they cannot respond does not mean they are not absorbing.

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