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Things To See In One day trip to Venice

by herbertp343 (writer), , April 06, 2018

Let us have a look at how can you make the best of one day which you get to spend in Venice.

You have to visit Venice and you have only one day. What do you do? The beautiful city situated across a group of islands is too spirited to be covered in one day. The city is surrounded by canals and linked by the bridges which are around 400 in number. Venice is known for the beauty of its setting, architecture and artwork. A part of this city is also listed as the World Heritage Site.

Venice is a marvelous romantic place. It has been a source of inspiration for artists and musicians since the longest time. There are way too many reasons to visit Venice. The scenic beauty, the heritage architecture, the cuisine, there is nothing which you can afford to miss. The air in Venice has its own mysticism melting away with the sweet hum of Italian boatmen. Let us have a look at how can you make the best of one day which you get to spend in Venice.

Grand Canal Cruise

You can take an hour long walk along the beautiful canals and a luxurious boat tour on the Grand Canal. You will get to marvel the intricate paintings of the Italian great masters of Renaissance. You will get to know about the backstory of these alleys, canals and bridges as you walk through them. The luxurious cruise will take you through Grand Canal and many other canals. The journey is full of historic and religious details.

Gondola Ride

For tourists Gondola is not just a mode of transport but a living symbol of romanticism. Taking youngs and not-so-youngs through sensuous imagery of canals, these rides can cost you some money for sure. But to be honest, it’s worth it. Taking a private Gondola ride might even cost you a little more. But you can always share it with other people to cut down the tariff. A regular Gondola ride takes you around 40 minutes.

Piazza San Marco

St Mark’s Square (also known as Piazza San Marco) is the widest area of flat, open land in a floating city. That’s why it has been an important area for citizens ever since its aristocratic days for meeting and demonstrations. It is the life of the city being the center of civic and religious life. It is beautifully surrounded from three sides by buildings and by the domes and arches of St. Mark’s campanile.

The Waterfront

Just as you leave Piazza San Marco you can make The Waterfall your next stop. You can sit at the Waterfront, watching some ships tied up. You might get a glimpse of a river vessel of a yacht or even a small ocean cruiser. You can continue till the tip of the island passing several hotels, cafe and exhibition venues on the way. You can enjoy a meal on the water as well, which a unique experience in itself.

Academia Galleries

If you are the one who is visiting this city for the cultural heritage then Academia Galleria must be in your visiting lift of Venice. It has an astounding collection of Venetian paintings from the artists of eighteenth century. These are the artists who later changed the history of European painting.

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