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The five steps on How to write a compelling essay

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , April 04, 2018

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An essay is never complete until it compels someone on a certain course. A compelling essay is meant to persuade or convince a person to take action in a particular way. The aim of the writer is to gather evidence that supports a certain course so that the reader is persuaded. There are five important steps needed for you to complete a compelling essay which cut across aselection of a persuasive topic, defining of a superb thesis, gathering evidence for the essay content, formatting of the essay body, and writing a captivating conclusion.

  • Choosing a persuasive topic

The topic you choose for an essay should be researched and worth finding evidence about the position you wish to take. A topic must have visible variables for which evidence will be gathered. Many of the processes, activities, things,and acts we see can form a good topic. Topics could be geared towards politics for example “protectionism in international trade,” environment for example “global warming,” and information technology for example “cyber-crime” among others. The topic is a skeleton of the wide area in which you wish to convince your readers.

  • Defining a superb thesis

The thesis is one of the most difficult aspects of essay writing among many students. A thesis is simply the position of the writer about the given topic. Throughout the main thesis, you can buy essays. A thesis can also be termed as a research question written in a statement form in which a problem is stated,and a provisional or ideal solution stated. A writer needs to be precise on the thesis. The thesis statement will often be the last sentence or two in the introduction paragraph. You could, for example, say, “The way to go is to make sure that all virtual activities are heavily and remotely monitored to deal with cyber-crime once and for all.”

  • Gathering evidence for the essay content

The key here is to provide evidence about the thesis statement and answer research questions. Using the thesis used as an example above, the writer can choose to write on various ways in which the cyberspacecan be monitored and how the methods would curb cyber-crime.

  • Formattingof the essay body,

Depending on the length of your essay, the content that provides evidence to your thesis can be in three paragraphs (for small essays), or separated with sub-headings (for longer essays). In small essays, it is important to have at least three paragraphs, each with unique evidence to the thesis.

  • Writing a captivating conclusion

A captivating conclusion is not just a summary or a recap of your main points in the essay body. That is merely repeating what the reader can easily find. However, the writer must choose to call the reader to action. In the above example, the writer can conclude, “You now understand why cyberspace is a potential threat. From now henceforth, make sure you know what your friends and neighbors do when connected to the internet.”

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