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Why is Las Vegas a City You Must Visit?

by Editor (editor), , March 28, 2018

It is only one of the many reasons that scheduling a trip to Las Vegas is an item that should be high on your bucket list.

Some people hate Las Vegas. Some people can’t get enough of the city. Most people divulge the city’s ever pleasure as often as they can. But, unless you make your way to Vegas, you’ll never know where you stand! If you’re an adventurer who’s always up for excitement, there is no better place in the U.S. to be!

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is the casino capital of the world. Dozens of casinos and matching hotels fill the strip along with thousands of eager visitors. And while you'll want to be amongst those crowds, it is only one of the many reasons that scheduling a trip to Las Vegas is an item that should be high on your bucket list.

Experience Affordable Luxury

Most of us can't afford the costs of a stay in a luxury hotel, considering that off-season rates for a night for two adults at the Four Seasons in Denver averages a rate of $275 per night while a night at The London NYC in Manhattan averages a $499 nightly rate. That all changes in Las Vegas, however, where luxury hotels rent for as little as $20 a night during peak season!

A night at the Hooters Hotel & Casino for two adults is priced at $25, while a night at Paris Las Vegas is under $60! These Hotels are grand in every way and make it easy to get an affordable getaway that fits your style. As a bonus, your right in the middle of the casino fun!

World-Class Shopping

Las Vegas is home to three outlet malls, featuring top brand name stores with goods priced up to 75% off retail price. There are also several traditional shopping malls where you can find all of the names that you love.

Many of the hotels in Vegas have their own luxury, high-end stores on site, so if you like names such as Coach, Burberry, and Kate Spade, you won't need to look far to find them. There are also many tourist shops, antiques, thrift stores, and other places to shop that you’ll want to experience firsthand.

Endless Fun

Most people think of the casinos in Las Vegas, but there is so much more in the city. In fact, it is a family-friendly destinations with a plethora of offering for the kids, too. When you’re ready to get off the Strip and explore the city to the fullest, there is no problem finding something to do. Perhaps even land sailing is an adventure you’d love to experience. It is a realistic possibility in Sin City! Be sure to include these Las Vegas hotspots on the itinerary and experience the city the way that it should be:

Battista’s Hole in the Wall

Erotic Heritage Museum

Bellagio Botanical Garden

Stratosphere Tower

Lucky Little Chapel

Nevada State Museum

This is only a partial list of the entertainment you can enjoy during a Vegas trip. It is easy to say that you will not experience a moment of boredom when you embark upon this special adventure.

Among the best casinos in Las Vegas:

Circus Circus

SLS Casino

New York New York Casino

Planet Hollywood Casino

LINQ Casino

Treasure Island

Natural Elegance & Beauty

Nothing provides a more relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of The Strip than a short trip to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation. It’s a short drive away and offers an abundance of red rock formations, hiking trails, and natural beauty. But, this is only one of the many spots in or near the city where you can travel to get away from real life and experience life to the fullest. Plan visits to Floyd Lamb State Park, Lee Canyon, Mt Charleston, the historic Railroad Trail, and Mary Jane Falls Trail to experience the full majesty of the natural beauty in Las Vegas.

See the Shows

The smoke-filled bars that once gave way to performers are long gone, since replaced with glitzy stages and smoke-free, comfortable facilities with nightly shows. Nonetheless, those bars are a part of Vegas history and a big reason that the city is known for the great shows that still take place today. Eah night in Las Vegas provides opportunity for you to experience a new, exciting show no matter what type of experience you crave. Whether you want to enjoy a live concert, see a magician in action, or want to laugh as you watch a live comedy show, you’ll find it any way of the week in Vegas. Plus, there are tons of Broadway shows in Vegas! Who doesn't want the chance to catch a live Broadway musical?

Amazing Food

Splurge at one of the 16 Michelin-inspired restaurants, enjoy a quick bite from one of the dozens of fast food joints, indulge in a delicious mom-and-pop eateries, or discover a breakfast made for a king. Las Vegas is the place for foodies and others who love a great meal. There is something to accommodate your taste (and your budget) no matter what you’re in the mood for, no matter the day of the week or time of the day. Some of the restaurants are so luxurious, it’s worth the splurge simply for the chance to taste the chef-prepared excellence.

Top Vegas restaurants (in all price ranges) include:

Chin Chin


Andiamo Italian Steakhouse

Blueberry Hills Family Restaurant

Le Cirque


MGM Grand Hotel restaurant

It is Time to Visit Vegas

One day in Las Vegas feels like you’ve traveled the world and that makes a city that has enough diversity to capture the interest of every visitor. Every day that you spend in the big city is another opportunity to explore fun that you won't find elsewhere. Whatever your pleasure may be, it is found in Las Vegas, even if it isn't found anywhere else in the world. There is a reason that thousands of people flock to Sin City every year and it’s time that you become a part of the bright lights, big crowds, and asinos found on The Strip and beyond.

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