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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Hosts 2018 International Easter Youth Camp

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , March 19, 2018

Pastor Chris hopes that he will help to catalyze a life-transforming experience.

With Easter right around the corner of the question in everybody’s mind is where will you be during this miraculous holiday. With the help of Pastor Chris, a new unique international Easter youth camp program has been launched. This annual a day program has been attended by people from the ages of 13 to 21 from around the globe. With a name to help the spiritual enlightenment of all those in attendance, the program is a combination of exciting, enlightening and educational. At the program, every attendee will have the chance to meet with a world-famous man of God pastor Chris. Pastor Chris hopes that he will help to catalyze a life-transforming experience so that you will be able to enter the new rounds glory as well as help you people fulfillment of God’s destiny for your life.

This international Easter youth camp will be hosted in Johannesburg South Africa from the dates of March 29 to April 5. This youth camp has been signed to be not only fun but spiritually uplifting with numerous activities such as sporting events wildlife adventures and even meetings with pastor Chris himself.

At this event, attendees will have the opportunity to attend the healing event with pastor Chris. Young people from around the world will be in the congregation at this event. Perhaps the most fantastic thing about this event is that it is free. To reserve your place all you need to do is register with the foundation.

Pastor Chris is a Nigerian Christian minister who helped to found the organization known as Believers’ Loveworld Inc. HIs ministry has managed to hold meetings across the globe locations such as the United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, and even Canada the pastor has been able to offer an international school of Ministry which has managed to host over 5000 ministers from more than 140 countries will come together in Johannesburg South Africa.

In addition to his typical ministry, UDC also manages to run an online prayer network and uses social media to help send messages of salvation to around the world Christians. With over 1.2 million followers on Twitter and nearly 2 million on Facebook is one of the most significant Christian devotional authors on social media. He is also an accomplished author and has managed to write the world’s best seller veracity realities a devotional book which is now available for download in over hundred and 43 languages.

Pastor Chris is known for his philanthropic works which have helped to aid the poor, sick, and the dispossessed it matters both physical and spiritual. Over his 30-year career men and women have been rescued from poverty and sickness and have been provisioned by the message of hope pastor Chris has managed to broadcast around the world. His inner-city mission project clears that every child is your child with an aim to save and assist children who have lost their parents in inner cities around the world. Future Africa leaders award and an initiative designed and initiated by pastor Chris aims to explore, educate, mentor, and a power intelligent young Africans in the hope that they will one day write up and recognize their potential for leadership.

Chris Oyakhilome received his honorary doctorate infinity from Benson Idahosa University. This was done by the University in recognition of the numerous achievements that pastor Chris has managed to accomplish. In particular, his book Rhapsody of Realities which has now been translated 837 languages has also spread the message of the Gospels people all around the world. Pastor Chris has also gone to Ambrose Alli University where he graduated with a Ph.D. in theology and Pneumatology.

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