Best Road Bikes of 2018

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Bikes are not just environment-friendly, but also they promote good health. They don’t require expensive maintenance like cars, and you can use them more conveniently for your day to day commuting compared to cars. You don’t have to worry about parking fees or spending endless hours on traffic. Additionally, you can embark on a plethora of trials in the United Kingdom for relaxing bike tours as you enjoy the marvelous sceneries in the countryside. With that said, here are our recommendations for the top road bikes in 2018-:

Cannondale Supersix Evo Ultegra

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The Cannondale Supersix Evo Ultegra is a nicely designed bike that will meet all your biking needs with utmost convenience. It features the BallisTec carbon system and construction which collectively make it very good aerodynamically. It’s frame, crankset, and forks bear the majority of the bike’s weight, and as such, it is sturdy and very stable.

You will also be pleased to know that the bike is fitted with Truncated Aero Profile tubes that are very instrumental in reducing the drag, and thus increasing the speed of the bike. If you are looking for a good entry level to an intermediary road bike, then you will not go wrong with the Cannondale Supersix Evo Ultegra.

EddyMerckx Roubaix 70 Faema Road Bike Campagnolo Chorus

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Eddy Merckx was one of the best cyclists during the 1970 Paris – Roubaix, also known as Hell of the North. The legendary biker inspired the designs of this bike, and it features a color-inspired road bike whose frame and forks are made from Columbus steel and carbon respectively. With such a design, you can expect nothing, but a cycling experience like that of a legend. If you desire to reach the pro levels, but you don’t have the budget, then this is the right bike for you.

Libra Road Bike

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The Libra road bike is considered as the perfect bike for all types of paths. It features carbon forks and steel frames, and unlike the average road bikes, its versatile design allows it to be used both as a road bike and as a mountain bike. Although it is primarily designed to be used on the road, it can also be used on rocky terrains, off roads and dirt roads.

BH G6 Pro Ultegra Di2

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Popularly known as BH, the BH G6 Pro Ultegra Di2 is a major name in the bicycle and the cycling arena. Back in the days, the manufacturer used to manufacture arms, but with the First World War, it shifted focus to providing low-cost transportation to the people. The BH G6 Pro Ultegra Di2 is the immediate follower of the G5 model which was equally a good road bike, but it was not the best as far aerodynamics were concerned.

The BH G6 Pro Ultegra Di2 comes with improved aerodynamics following the enlargement of the profile tubes as well as an increase in the stiffness. Its frame is light, yet very sturdy and both pros and newbies will find it very convenient.

Sava Herd 9.0 700c Campagnolo Centaur

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The Sava Herd 9.0 700c Campagnolo Centaur road bike is tailored for efficiency and power, and it is one of the top quality road bikes you will ever purchase in 2018. Amongst the highlights of its design is the carbon fiber frame used to make it as light as possible for maximum performance. It is also fitted with 22 speed to allow the cyclist to enjoy maximum control of the descends, turns, ascends and straights. The tires are from Michelin, and they are not just durable but also low resistance with a very good grip on all terrains. The bike is ideal for everyday use, though it can also make a perfect professional-level entry road bike.

Sava Phantom 3.0 Ultegra 6800

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This is another Sava assembled bike which makes it to our list of the best road bikes 2018. This is because of its specific subtle design features such as the Toray T800 carbon fiber frame, the seat post, the fork, the wheelset and the handles. It is a lighter bike, but one with a lot of power and efficiency and a great deal of overall control. It comes with 22 speeds to take care of any possible weather and terrain it may come face to face with. The Anti-gill and the low resistance Hutchinson tires crown the overall build, allowing for the kind of maneuverability desired from such a bike.


The above bicycles will suffice the needs of both newbies, and intermediary bikers keen on taking their cycling game to a new level. Of course, pros can also use them without any problems. But if you need a safe choice and you don’t have the budget to go for the expensive models, then you can also consider the likes of Sava Phantom 3.0 Ultegra as well as Sava Herd 9.0 700c since they come with impressive aerodynamics, they have 22 speeds, and they also feature Ultegra groupsets. The Sava bikes are ideal for beginners until they become confident and comfortable in their shifting, then they can move on to the intermediate models such as Moda Interval TT Bike or the Eddy Merckx Roubaix 70 Faema Road Bike.

Road Bike Buying Guide

Here is a quick guide for buying road bikes-:

The type of bike – there are two types of road bikes, and you should be very clear on the particular type you want before you start shopping. You can go for a racing bike or an endurance bike. The former have seats raised higher than the handles and are ideal for short distances, while the latter has more gears and is more comfortable to ride, hence suitable for long distances.

The groupset – for groupsets, we have Campagnolo from Italy, SRAM from USA and Shimano from Japan. All of them are durable and efficient and are available from entry all the way to pro levels.

The Frame – bike frames are made of four main materials: titanium, steel, carbon, and aluminum. Other than carbon, which is significantly lighter, the remaining three are almost the same regarding properties, though their strengths may vary. Professionals prefer carbon because of its lightness which also improves the aerodynamic capabilities of the bike.

The Brakes – you can choose between disc brakes and rim brakes and the ultimate decision should be determined by the weather and the intended use of the bike. Disc brakes are ideal for wet conditions and professional biking because they are very responsive. Rim brakes are ideal for dry weather and non-competitive cycling since they are not as sensitive as disc brakes.