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Max Polyakov on the Role of New Technologies for Business Development

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer) , March 09, 2018

This means that new technologies usually don’t go beyond existing solutions.

As indispensable parts of our lives, modern technologies continue to develop quickly. Although plenty of different kinds of software exist, most of them are quite similar. This means that new technologies usually don’t go beyond existing solutions. Take for example online accounting software. Accountants are drifting online with the help of these software however there is not much difference between each online accounting software available.

Max Polyakov, the managing partner of Noosphere Ventures, believes that new technologies involved in various means of communication, should be science-based and innovative. In other words, businesses that are going to implement new technologies need to think outside the box. However, many companies still have a dim view of this issue. As a result, most new solutions currently available on the market are personal developments that don’t provide any global effects.

Nowadays, data processing is performed by computers, causing a significant increase in database volumes. However, the value of the collected data is drastically falling. Max Polyakov, PhD., refers to the works of M.K. Mamardashvili, stressing that solutions for data processing should be considered only as physical options. Put simply, these technologies are common programs that replace human labor. Therefore, they don’t perform an information function.

In his research, Dr.Max Polyakov also noted that numerous companies try to use new technologies more effectively by developing theories and practices for business processes, including object-oriented analysis, program design, enterprise architecture, and much more. Although the number of new services is increasing rapidly, they are not ready to solve all the business problems.

Any type of communication is based on traditional forms of data storage and exchange, such as using paper records and manual processing. Businesses usually use information technologies for these purposes. On one hand, modern IT solutions make data processing significantly easier. On the other hand, the received data cannot be quickly brought in line with the constantly changing demands of the people.

According to Dr. Max Polyakov, this issue makes businesses process similar types of data that can’t be composed effectively. Therefore, most companies are forced to use manual processing and paper records. However, computer-based data processing still offers numerous benefits.

In order to develop communication processes more effectively, one should start using the fundamental discipline, proposed by Dr. Max Polyakov. His new methodology of vertical integration of knowledge, the system-semiotic paradigm and other complex studies have already made a significant contribution to the information revolution.

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