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How to migrate using a Non-Dom residence status

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , March 08, 2018

Each country has separate formalities and ways and by-laws that you need to understand before you commit to such things.

With increasing interference and strict supervision of government on your incomes, it is becoming difficult to saves few extra bucks.

But there is a sign of relief with the Non-Dom status that will allow you to live safely and legally, abroad without the tax worries.

The Non-Dom residence program is offering entrepreneurs various advantages and flexibility. It will help you to quickly and legally migrate to another country where you can save tax and keep your hard earned money for your benefits.

Thousands of people migrate to different countries every year. Some people may migrate for better living like job or studies but most of the time people migrate to save taxes.Like In Europe increasingly disturbing TX policies by the givers to overcome its economic crisis has led many to migrate to other countries with liberal tax laws.

Tax is a significant source of revenue for every government, but in the name of taxes when the government starts taking a substantial part of your income, survival becomes difficult. Even the financial control of government over their people is alarming. Many feel violated, and lack of privacy leads them to relocate.

In such cases, people may find a sign of relief from the Non-Dom residence or the non-domicile residence status offered by many countries. You can relocate to such a country and take advantage of tax-free living that allows you to enjoy flexible work and living environment.

But before you take such a step, extreme caution is necessary. There are a lot of legal procedures and prerequisites that are needed to file for a domicile in any country. Each country has separate formalities and ways and by-laws that you need to understand before you commit to such things.

All this call for through planning, research and of course consultation from an immigration lawyer who is experienced in filing domicile. If you are planning to relocate to a non-dom residence, then it is advised to take help from an expert and experienced lawyers and accounts alike.

Accountant services are required to understand your financial status in any country when you migrate and how it will impact your finances back home. Along with this, an accountant will help you understand your tax liability in the new country and whether it’s beneficial to relocate or not with respect to your tax liability and financial status.

However, following are the three general parameters that you must measure before taking up migration for non-domicile.

  • If you are married and have children who are underage, then you have to file for their migration as well along with yours.
  • If you own any land property or house property in your home country you need to either rent it or sell it to a third party.
  • After your relocation, if you want to spend time in your home country, then there are a different set of rules that apply to it.

You have to keep in mind these things for certainty along with many other requirements and claws that only a good immigration lawyer can help you understand. For more information, you can visit at

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