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Animal Adventures in NJ: Animal Attractions in the Garden State

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , February 19, 2018

A list of our favorite picks to see your favorite wild mammal or amphibian!

Did you know that New Jersey is home to over 10 animal attractions in NJ? That’s not even including wildlife preserves and other attractions to see animals (like reservoirs!) Discover animal adventures in New Jersey with a list of our favorite picks to see your favorite wild mammal or amphibian!

1. Six Flags Safari Off Road Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari brings you up close and personal with six continents worth of animals. This excursion is perfect for kids as it follows the story of the “Wilds Family” and all their encounters on the safari. Extra features include giraffe feeding and ziplining across the safari. This interactive experience will make you feel like you’re on an entirely different continent.

2. Jenkinson’s Aquarium

Marine life lives at Jenkinson’s Aquarium on the Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach. For over 25 years, the aquarium has stood tall and houses hundreds of fish of all different sizes. Families enjoy looking and learning about different animals from a collection of aquatic habitats. Featuring feeding times for seals and penguins, the aquarium is as entertaining as it is educational. Children will love the behind the scenes events and educational opportunities. Observe penguins, sharks, fish, turtles, and more!

3. Turtle Back Zoo

Essex County’s only zoo is the Turtle Back Zoo! Featuring a diverse collection of mammals, fish, reptiles, and more, children can explore the entire zoo for a quick day trip in NJ. With a fun butterfly tent, special sea turtle recovery program, touch tank, and an African adventure exhibit, you can be sure to find your favorite animal in this fun Northern NJ zoo.

4. Adventure Aquarium

What makes the Adventure Aquarium different from other NJ aquariums? They have hippos! Featuring these delightful gray creatures as well African Penguins, a cool blue American lobster, and other unique attractions, you can spend hours just looking at these adorable, slimy, scaly, and sweet creatures.

5. Popcorn Park Zoo

Originally created for wildlife refuge, the Popcorn Park houses many animals that can no longer survive in the wild. Experience natural NJ wildlife such as white-tailed deer, horses, sheep, pigs, bobcats, and black bears. Each animal at the Popcorn Park Zoo has their own story which makes each creature unique – truly worth a visit to this Southern NJ attraction.

6. Cape May Zoo

A true Cape May wonder lies in the Cape May County Zoo. Like all Zoos, The Cape May County Zoo houses animals in hopes of conservation. From turtles and frogs to the eastern tiger salamander, the zoo hopes to accomplish control and rebirth of specials who have been considered endangered. From reptile refurbishment to traditional zoo animals like zebras, cheetahs, and giraffes, this tourist attractions is a perfect spot on your NJ itinerary for animal adventures.

7. Lakota Wolf Preserve

See real live wolves at this New Jersey outdoor attraction. The Lakota Wolf Preserve offers tours for groups to learn about wolf behavior, their relationship to humans, and more. Seeing this kind of experience is something everyone must do. These beautiful creatures teach us a lot about group dynamics and about ourselves. A different type of animal adventure!

These are just some of the many animal adventures you can find tucked away in New Jersey. From the mountains of Northern NJ, to the whale watching beaches of Southern NJ, you can feel like you’re on a whole other continent with just one visit to any of these zoos or aquariums. For more resources on nature, wildlife, and even more animal attractions, visit

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