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Five best VPN services that you can use to unblock websites

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , February 19, 2018

Following are some of the most popular VPNs and vpn service deal that you need to be aware of:

With more and more sites being blocked by government organisations, the use of VPNs has become a must for users. Many services are available that provide virtual private network, commonly known as VPNs. The features and benefits offered by different service providers vary, and hence users are expected to look for the best among the many. Luckily enough information is available about the various such VPNs on the internet, and smart users gather enough knowledge about the VPNs before deciding to use any.

Following are some of the most popular VPNs and vpn service deal that you need to be aware of:


This VPN brings with it lots of security protection against unwanted file downloads. It also allows you are streaming smoothly without much of buffering problems because of ads or unwanted pop-ups. Servers are available in as many as 94 countries across the globe and hence blocking the VPN user is not easy for any organisation. The VPN also works correctly on mobile devices running on Android and iOS platforms and is, therefore, gaining massive popularity of late.


iPVanish is a custom built application and yet performs very smoothly and efficiently. The service provided by the company is quite excellent considering the charges they pay. They allow safe downloading from torrent websites as well. The headquarters of the company is located in the United States. Some of the security measures include one-button activation and a kill switch. Automatic WiFi protection is also included as part of the VPN package.


For P2P downloading the Buffered VPN works perfectly. They have excellent customer support that provides useful information and advice as and when required. The servers of the VPN are located in 37 different countries and include plenty of streaming services. They have a private DNS and also a kill switch to ensure security.


It is considered to be one of the easiest to use applications among the various VPNs. With the NordVPN, you also get automatic WiFi protection. The DDoS or the distributed denial of services of this service provider is also gaining a lot of popularity of late. The traffic distribution is also very safe thanks to the double encryption technique used.


The VyprVPN have developed their cloaking method to prevent any security breach. This feature is in-house built and is being appreciated by experts across the globe. Streaming on this device is also of the highest standards, and it works perfectly even on the mobile devices. Some of the other features included as part of the VPN include kill switch and a DNS server.

There are websites on the internet that may attract you with their fake claims and cheap rates, however, make sure that you choose one of the reliable VPNs only. Do not download any application from the internet that you cannot trust as it could contain malware and viruses that can harm your device or breach your system security.

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