The Best Business Owners Do These Things In Their Spare Time

To be a better business owner, you have to manage your time wisely. I’m not just talking about the time you spend working, I’m also talking about any free time you have. The way you manage your time at home will have a huge bearing on your business success.

Having said that, here are a few things that some of the most successful business owners in the world like to do during their downtime.

A stable mind is priceless.

— Meditation (@mindspaceuk) January 28, 2018


The classic business owners of old would never be caught meditating. They’d spend their days with a big fat cigar reclining in a chair as they sip on a glass of whisky. But, there’s a new breed of business owner these days, one that focuses on having a healthy mind. If you meditate for a few minutes every day, then you give yourself a few minutes of peace and quiet to clear your mind. It’s an amazing way to relax after a stressful day, and think about certain things. Sometimes, all it takes is ten minutes of meditation to realize the solution to a pressing problem that caused you stress all day long at work.


Read Books

Reading is so good for many reasons. For one, it’s a great way to learn new things and develop your vocabulary. This can be important for a business owner, as you need to communicate well, and having an extensive vocabulary will help. Secondly, there are loads of books out there that are designed to help you get better at managing and running a business. You’ve got authors like Joe Vitale who writes books about obtaining success and developing as a better person. Plenty of doctors have written books around the psychology of running a business or getting over your shortcomings. Reading books broadens your mind and teaches you new things both directly and indirectly.


Brain Training

Your brain is your best friend, treat it well, and you will see all kinds of benefits in every aspect of your life. Naturally, running a business requires you to have quite a big brain! You have to do a lot of critical thinking, make decisions, learn how to prioritize and concentrate under pressure. One thing a lot of business owners do is play brain training games. There are loads you can download on your phone or tablet, and just sit playing for half an hour or more every day. It’s a very good way of using up your spare time, and getting something out of it. By training your brain, you make yourself smarter, and it can help you run your business more effectively.

The things you do outside of working hours can often have the biggest impact on what happens during them. It’s okay to just relax and do nothing, or watch Netflix for a few hours every night. But, some of your spare time should be dedicated to improving as a person. These three things will help you do just that, which will then help you be a better business owner.

Some business owners also take advantage of neurofeedback therapy to improve their attention.