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Is Ripple a Good Investment for 2018?

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , February 14, 2018

Have a look at some of the facts that will help you decide whether XRP will prove to be a good investment in 2018 or not.

When it comes to a good investment, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration, including the price of the cryptocurrency that you need to pay for. Fundamentally, the total market capitalization of Ripple is now valued to be more than $129 billion, making it the second best

crypto after Bitcoin. But before you invest, have a look at some of the facts that will help you decide whether XRP will prove to be a good investment in 2018 or not.

  • As per the market cap, Ripple was the 2nd largest digital currency till 7th Jan 2018, but as on 8th Jan 2018, it is the3th largest in the crypto space. First is Bitcoin( BTC to INR), It is just under Rs. 572,243,400,000 million with evident market interest, which is not much as compared to the largest credit card company or a transaction processing company. In the coming years, Ripple is expected to go up to 5x and this already is creating a buzz around the token.
  • The network can handle 1500 transactions per second, which means Ripple is more scalable and can handle the same capacity as Visa. It compares to 15 transactions per second transactions for Ether and 10 minutes for Bitcoin. The network’s speed and scalability is strengthening the demand for XRP, as well.

    Bitbns Ripple price

    was Rs.16 in October 2017, however by the end of Dec 2017 it was hovering around Rs. 255.
  • When Ripple consortium was launched in 2016, it included 75+ banks globally, including some big names like Bank of America, Standard Chartered, RBC, Swiss UBS and MUFG. As per the resources, in July 2017, 61 Japanese banks joined the consortium, thus denoting over 80% of total banking assets in Japan. Many other global banks are also adopting the Ripple platform to gain higher scalability.
  • Ripple is an added incentive for banks. If the banks switch to Ripple network, it can help cut the global settlement cost up to 60%, out of which 30% would be through using Ripple.
  • The payment settlement in Ripple is extremely fast, 3.6 seconds, when compared to Ether that takes more than 2 minutes and Bitcoin that takes 1 hour. Traditional payment transfer systems take 3-5 days.
  • Unlike Bitcoin, Ripple cannot be mined or created by the users, which means token creators can have full control of over it.
  • Since its inception in 2012, Ripple has developed a strong team of engineers and developers.

There are some shortcomings too, like its weaker decentralization. But its advantages over other currencies has outshined its drawbacks. So, if you are willing to make investment, make sure you take these insights into consideration and check for XRP to INR trading price for making profitable investments.

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