Man’s Best Friend

Dogs have always been humans’ greatest companion, dating back to the earliest migrations when the animal followed nomadic groups from place to place. Dogs’ connection with people is understandable. given that both species are social beings. It is argued that neither man nor dog could survive on their own and both benefit greatly from the bonds created through relationships. Flash forward thousands of years, and dogs are still by the side of their human counterparts. Your dog is there to greet you at the door every time you get home and is there to console you on the couch during times of despair and grief. Your dog celebrates milestones with you and sometimes travels with you, hikes with you, and would go to the end of the earth with you if you lead him or her there. Your dog depends on you for food and shelter, and you depend on your animal emotionally and physically. Dogs even make the best emotional support animals because they are capable of reading emotions, and when you need support, they are loyal and trusty creatures.

Heroic Dogs

Canines can sense when there is an emergency situation at hand and will fight for other’s lives. Take, for instance, the story of the Great Pyrenees guard dog in Sonoma during the wildfires that took thousands of acres and many people’s homes and farmland. The farmer who owned the guard dog was forced to evacuate. When he was fleeing, he opened the gate to let his livestock get away when they needed to. He called his dog to come with him. The farmer recalled that the dog simply sat there and looked at him with eyes that said that the dog was not going anywhere. He had a job to do--to protect the livestock. The farmer had no choice but to leave in order to save his family. He drove away saddened: his animals were sure to die a terrible death. Days later, the farmer returned to his farm and, to his surprise and utmost relief his Pyrenees was there, with singed hair and pads, but very much alive. So were all the livestock. The most loyal of dogs did what his farmer had trained him to do. Even in the face of death, the dog was committed to his farmer. It is no wonder dogs are also hired as rescue dogs or crime-stopping dogs. They are smart and beyond dedicated to their humans.

Unconditional Love

Long story short, we call our dogs our best friends because we live in a symbiotic relationship with them where we love them to death and they love us back. We rely on our dogs for so many things, and there is not a dog owner out there who does not wish dogs lived as long as humans. Unfortunately, dogs do live shorter lives and will likely pass before you do, so having a plan is the best thing you can do for your pet in the aftermath. Cremating your pet is one way their legend can live on. Resources, such as pet cremation services in Charlotte, North Carolina, can help you through the tough time. It has been said that dogs have shorter lifespan than humans because they love strong enough in their few years to last a human’s lifetime. It is true.