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8 Ways To Get The Body Back In Shape

by jazz pollard (writer), , February 07, 2018

US$13.5 billion — that was how much Americans spent in 2015 on surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures

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US$13.5 billion — that was how much Americans spent in 2015 on surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures, the highest recorded so far, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. So, if you’ve been pondering on the “ifs” and “what's” how to remove cellulite, below is a summary of 8 procedures you can consider to firm up — well, any part of your body:


It is the first ever cellulite treatment approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2012. The procedure begins with the administration of a local anesthesia. Thereafter, three micro-laser incisions are made. The first is to destroy the fats that are trapped by tough fibers which, as a result, produces bulges.

The second laser insertion cuts through the fibers that pull down on the skin and which traps the fats in. The third laser insertion heats and melts the released fat so that these can leave the affected area and eventually, be eliminated from the body. This process also stimulates the skin to produce higher levels of collagen.

Improvements are immediate but full results take up to three months to become visible.


In 2015, FDA approved two other procedures for removing unwanted fats causing the skin on areas of the body with fat deposits — buttocks, the underside of the arms, thighs, legs, and abdomen — to have an orange peel appearance.

One of which is Cellfina, a minimally invasive procedure which involves subcision, or the insertion of a very tiny hypodermic needle guided by a tiny suction device that bores a tiny hole in the skin. The first subcision administers anesthesia. Through the same path, another needle is inserted to cut the fibers.

Results are claimed to last for at least 2 years.


Another way to treat cottage cheese looking skin is through this new non-invasive procedure that works to smoothen skin on the surface using the same principles of cutting the fibers and melting away fat. Only this time, this procedure does not involve boring holes on the skin. Instead, it uses a handheld suction device that releases radiofrequency waves.

The sucking pulls on the fibers to cut them. The radiofrequency and heat released, in turn, melts the fat and fiber while also strengthening the outer skin layer.

At least six treatment sessions are recommended on how to remove cellulite, with results normally taking three to six months before becoming completely visible.

Smart Lipo Laser Body Sculpting System.

This procedure uses a tiny laser tube inserted into the skin area being treated, Smart Lipo literally melts away those unwanted fats of yours right on the spot.


Freeze and eliminate stubborn and unwanted fat. Affected areas are subjected to very low temperatures using cooling pads. The fats are frozen, melts away, and are eliminated soon after through the body’s natural metabolic processes.

Venus Freeze.

Give select parts of your body, face, and neck a quick contour. This procedure uses both radio frequency and electromagnetic fields to produce a thermal environment that’s beneficial to your skin in at least three ways: enhances collagen production, tightens skin, and smoothes skin surface.

Healthy diet.

One of two things, the other being exercise, that is required for any of the previous procedures to have long-term results. Your dietary choices will always affect how your body looks.

Cardio workout with muscle toning exercises.

Regularly melt away excess body fat before these become another unsightly, tough fat deposits.


There is no shortage of modern medicine to answer anybody issue you may have. There are these aesthetic procedures, and if you have serious obesity problems, there are drastic medical solutions like bariatric surgery. These require professional care but, you also have to find the courage (and not to mention the money) to avail of these procedures. Sometimes, all you need is more information to have the heart to try these out.

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