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President Trump Ends the Year with Recap of First Year

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , January 03, 2018

Wishing followers a Happy New Year and adding that together, they were making America great again.

As 2017 drew to an end, making the Donald’s Trump’s first year in office, the President of the United States took to his favorite social media platform Twitter. He started posting his messages on New Year’s Eve, telling his followers that it has been quite a year and that his administration was only just getting started suggesting that there was a lot more to come this year.

The US President has caused a lot of controversy since he came into office in 2017, much of which has been viewed fox news live online streaming. Love him or hate him, he always seems to be in the media and news channels like MSNBC and CNN at the center of some debate or another. He has also raised a lot of eyebrows over various comments he has posted online via Twitter, which is spend a huge amount of time on. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the president posted his New Year message on this social media platform, wishing followers a Happy New Year and adding that together, they were making America great again.

Adding a video recap of his first year in office to the Tweet

While many of us have watched the President’s activities during his first year on various live news channels, Trump decided to proudly recap his first year on Twitter too as he sent out his New Year’s message to his followers. The footage, which was a little hazy, showed the president meeting up with other world leaders during his year in office as well as meeting up with the victims of various disasters. Intertwined into the video were clips of the president giving speeches and speaking out as well as some music to accompany the clip.

The president, who was at his resort in Palm Beach in Florida for New Year, also took the opportunity to slate the Democrats via Twitter. He told his followers that they were far better off under a Republican leadership and that smart voters would not put Democrats in Congress in this year’s election, as this could damage the wealth that has been created since the Election. He added that people were now far better off in terms of taxes, border control, action against terrorism, and more.

Trump held a private party at his Palm Beach resort, and during that time he told guests that 2018 was going to be a fantastic year for the administration and for the country. He was accompanies by his wife and son at the time and he spoke to press as he entered the resort, inviting them to come inside as well. A number of other guests attended the exclusive bash including his family, and a number of White House officials. In line with his Dad, Donald Trump Jr. the president’s son, also took to Twitter to post photos of the party and to wish supporters a very Happy New Year.

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