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7 Tips for Using Fashion Jewelry

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , January 02, 2018

Following are some tips that you can follow for using the right jewel for the right event.

It is the jewelry that enhances the physical features of a girl and gives her a complete look. It not only catches other attention by the prominent artwork but also provides the same impact on the person wearing it. However, there is a need of using fashion jewelry in a sensible way that would complement your overall personality.

Following are some tips that you can follow for using the right jewel for the right event.

Wearing Less to Present More:

The bold pieces of necklace or earrings give a nice look, but it is not useful to over-crowd oneself with a lot of jewelry. If you are wearing large-sized earrings, then avoid wearing the necklace as the ornaments would cover your entire look. You can wear chandelier earrings on a party with a combination of the cuff bracelet. Wearing a long chain with the cocktail ring is also a good idea.

Wear Simple Pieces:

If you like wearing simple clothes, then match great sized accessories with it. Matching is essential, and you can look for something with less busy patterns. You can wear colorful jewelry with the jeans while it would seem more beautiful to wear attention-grabbing accessories with black colored clothes. Coordinating small silver would give you a nice look so buy small sized jewelry for daily use.

Select Earring Wisely:

Do not miss wearing statement and stylish earring as people notice the jewelry more than anything else. Match the earrings that not only enhance your facial features but also frame the structure of your face. Coordinate the pendant with the outfit’s color and choose the length accordingly. There are different preferences of wearing earrings with different hairstyles. You can search for them on the internet or ask from a professional.

Matching Right Necklace:

Wearing right necklace according to the neckline is very important. You can wear the jewelry with a strapless and scoop-necked dress. Wearing it with the off-the-shoulder dress would also enhance your features. Avoid wearing the necklace with collars and detailing near the face. You can even wear the statement necklace with single colored- necklace shirt. Use bright colored-necklace with one-colored clothes.

Do not Ignore Your Hands:

You must pay attention to your hands as well as people would also notice them while you would talk or use your hands. Trimming nails are necessary while wearing bold rings and matching nail polish is also essential to give a beautiful look. Avoid wearing multi-colored nail polish with gold rings.

Adorn Arms Elegantly:

While wearing a statement piece, you can also wear cuff bracelets and show-off the arms. Wearing the sleeveless top with the cuff on the arm would give a beautiful look. You can even wear bangles together with a similar color and provide an attractive look to your hand. Wear gold or silver bangles as they offer a beautiful look to the entire personality. Do not wear a lot of bracelets for parties. However, if you are going to an Asian wedding then wearing a lot of bangles is not sad as it is one of the traditions in Asia to wear bracelets in both hands.

Wear Jewelry that creates Outfit:

Statement pieces are all the jewelry sets that present you with the outfit. It gives a new look to your outfit and polishes your look. You can wear pearls often on a regular basis with some changes on some days. You can go to fashion jewelry designers and ask about the latest designs that would match with the dress you want to wear on a special occasion.

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