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Top 5 Mistakes Made by Funeral Directors

by Tom Starke (writer), , January 10, 2018

Many funeral directors can tell you that their job is not an easy job.

Many funeral directors can tell you that their job is not an easy job. You will come across many different obstacles each and every day, and, of course, each day brings you a new test because where would the fun be if every problem was the same. With this ever changing climate, there are a few mistakes that will jump out to most funeral directors, and we will take a look at the top five most common mistakes made by funeral directors.

1.Value your time appropriately. You will find business representatives across your state will want to schedule meetings with you. They may be interested in selling you office supplies, marketing services, financial and marketing expertise or even the latest and greatest technology for your funeral home. You will need to decide who you need to meet with and how long to meet with them. You should never feel obligated to meet with anyone. If you do try to meet with everyone who needs to sell you something, you will find that there is not enough time in the day to get any work done. This means you need to choose carefully and meet others with a nice but direct not interested.

2.Never saying no. Your main job is to help and support the loved ones of the deceased. This makes it extremely hard to say no to their demands even if they are not practical. You must remember that you cannot make everyone happy, and you can only do what you can do. Unfortunately, you cannot give your services away for free, and there are rules and regulations in place that every funeral home must follow. You will need to be strict with these policies. They are there for a reason. Unfortunately, there will be times when no is the only answer you can give, and these times may pop up more than you want them to.

3.Spend your money wisely. You do not want to create a huge debt or spend your entire life savings trying to open your funeral. Therefore, you need to limit your spending when starting your business by focusing on the necessities and purchasing equipment and supplies that you will need to make running your day to day operations easier and more successful. You may want to limit expenditures on the things you want and focus on getting the things you need in order to build your business. You do not have to buy everything at once. Remember you can always start off small and as your business grows you can purchase more supplies.

4.Find and create the perfect business connections. Sometimes it does matter who you know, and in the funeral home business making those important connections can help make or break your business. You will need the best people to market your business, the best distributors to provide you with the best and most efficient equipment out there and even businesses to align with to provide you with customers. These contacts can be a great added plus for any business and will only help you to easily and quickly grow your business from the ground up.

5.Sometimes you will have to let things go. Some people will always find something to be unhappy about. There is nothing you can do to help them. If it was something you could fix, then by all means work with them and fix it. However, if it is something petty or something that cannot be fixed, you may need to let it go. Try not to focus on the negative. Stay positive. Remember do not ignore your customers and treat them as if they do not matter. I am simply referring to those that will never be pleased and those that seek you to just to make your life terrible (they may not even be a customer or client). You cannot waste your entire life trying to appease that type of person. It would never work, so let it go and move on.

Mistakes can be unavoidable. They do happen to be great teaching moments if we allow ourselves to learn from them and not dwell on them. So, prepare yourself for what may lie ahead, and if you are looking forward to opening your own funeral home, maybe a few of the mistakes listed above can be avoided and learned from without having to go through them.

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