Some of the Common and Rare Vehicle-Related Legal Issues you May Encounter One Day

The majority of breakdowns, faulty parts, accidents and collisions that drivers encounter every single day can generally be handled by lawyers that specialize in general vehicle and insurance-related cases.

However, there are some cases that will require are more focused approach and talent, and in these cases, you will indeed require legal help that has been customized to properly deal with the more difficult and complicated cases.

Who to Turn to with a Unique Case?

While each state will have its own separate laws regarding the fair handling of vehicle-related issues, if you happen to live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, then you should certainly consider contacting someone at Timothy Abeel & Associates with regards to your unique case.

No matter what the issue, if it is within the power of the law to resolve (as most things are), then you can depend on the good people at Timothy Abeel to aid you with resolving your problems and attaining justice through the most expert knowledge-bases and experienced individuals.

Getting the proper legal aid does not just make sure that you are compensated for your individual case, it means that individuals within the United States can rest assured that they are protected by the most capable people in the legal world.

An Example of an Uncommon Case: Lemons

What is known as a “lemon” is a vehicle which has failed to live up to the most basic of safety and performance standards, and even upon being fixed once or even twice, will continue to suffer from substantial defects.

What is the Pennsylvania Law Regarding Lemons?

In order for your vehicle to be considered a lemon under Pennsylvania law, it will need to firstly have been a new vehicle which has been leased or purchased within the state of Pennsylvania, or alternatively, a vehicle which has been registered primarily within the state.

Your vehicle will then need to fall under a purchase limit of one year, or have been driven for under twelve-thousand miles. It must also have encountered an unusual amount of defects, which have then been unfixable by the appropriate professional mechanical services.

The issue or set of issues will need to present a serious debilitation in the usability of the vehicle. Its value will have decreased substantially due to such faults, and the overall safety of the vehicle will have to be proven to be unsuitable for roads.

With regards to the one year or twelve-thousand miles law, you may still indeed be under the protection of consumer protection laws. For more information regarding whether you will indeed be protected by the law regarding your particular case, please be sure to contact Timothy Abeel & Associates for a comprehensive and free lowdown on what you can expect regarding your vehicle in particular.

In the Case of Reasonable Repair Attempts

There will generally be what is known as a “reasonable” number of attempts regarding the resolution of the substantial problems to do with your vehicle prior to it being properly registered as a lemon.

There are generally certain factors which will come into consideration when it comes to identifying a lemon. These will usually have to do with serious performance deficits, as well as how long the car spends in the repair shop.

For example, if your vehicle spends over 30 days within a repair shop, it can then easily become a lemon in most states. As you can gather, a lemon is simply a vehicle which has proven to be unfixable, and must be returned to the manufacturer.