How to Find the Right Amazon Repricer for Your Specific Product


The Internet has made shopping for just about anything a lot more convenient. You don’t have to go out of the house and wait in long lines in stores just to buy what you need. One click of the mouse is all you have to do to purchase products over the Internet. And what’s better than shopping online is selling your stuff there too, and making a profit from it without having to exert a lot of effort. Selling platforms such as Amazon allow people to sell their products without having to own a physical store. This eliminates overheads and operating costs.

Competition can be stiff on Amazon, and if you are selling the same products, you need an edge over your competitors. You will need an effective Amazon repricer so you can stay on top of your selling game. Find the right repricer for your product with these tips.


Repricers are standalone services you can use so that your product is the first one to appear in searches. An Amazon repricer can be cheaper from one provider and costlier from another. There are also two types of repricers – entry level and high end. If you are new to selling in Amazon, you can benefit from even the entry level software, and it is much cheaper than the high end one.

Algorithmic Repricer

A repricer makes use of the provider’s repricing algorithms. You have to give them the lowest price you are willing to sell your product, and in turn they will utilize their set of rules and data from competitors so they can set the optimum price for your product.

Frequency of Price Updates

During peak sales time, even just an hour or two of not updating your product’s price can result in a significant loss of sales. Choose a repricer that updates prices frequently so that your product is always on top of search results, and customers will actually purchase it.

Repricer for other Marketplaces

If you are selling the same product on Amazon and other marketplaces, you should choose a repricer that caters to both marketplaces so you can save on fees. Paying for a repricer for Amazon and another online platform separately is not good for your business.

How safe is repricing on Amazon? Amazon has the upper hand in controlling repricers, otherwise a riot will ensue. There have been pricing mistakes over the past years, with products being listed in the millions, and others being sold for only a penny. To prevent such errors, Amazon now monitors potential pricing errors. When this happens, listings are disabled until such time that the issue is resolved. On the part of the seller, there are two ways this pricing error can be dodged – by completely opting out of it or by setting a ceiling on the minimum and maximum price of the product.

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