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Understanding the Benefits of Residential Proxy

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , December 06, 2017

Residential proxy providers will take the personal IP addresses from the country they want and will sell it off to some other countries.

Residential IP acts as the foundation for your residential proxy. The moment you surf your web or attempt to connect internet, you will get certain IP which will be assigned to you known as residential IP address. In short, it's the address which will identify you and allow you to connect with different websites across the internet. IP address can be of 2 types dynamic and static. The dynamic IP address will keep changing each and every time when you reboot the network or router, while the identifying factors will remain unchanged. In case of static IP address, the address will remain static even at the time of rebooting the system.

Residential proxies can be defined as the IP addresses which are from a particular country but used in, some other country. In precise, we can say that residential proxy providers will take the personal IP addresses from the country they want and will sell it off to some other countries.

Benefits of Residential Proxies

  • It's legitimate: Among the available types of proxies in the market Residential Proxies are one of the most legitimate ones. It will be quite difficult to create too many residential proxies.
  • Reliability: It will make the experience of making web browsing highly reliable
  • Reduce chances of getting blacklisted: If you are looking to reduce the chances of getting blacklisted from the targeted website then the residential proxy is your answer.
  • Enhance security: The moment you heard the word proxy at first instance it gives you the feeling that you want to hide IP address. The fact is that there are many proxies who can offer such service, but when it is a residential proxy there will be some enhanced- increase in security. In short, we can say that it helps in improving the privacy, security as well as the safety of the user. It will be hard for any website to make your blacklisted when you are making use of residential proxies.
  • More request per minute: You will come across many individuals who will prefer investing in proxies. But usually, they face difficulties at the time of sending multiple requests every individual minute. In case you send several requests at a time without having a proxy, good chances are there that your IP address will get blocked instantly or in the other case you need to wait long to see what you are trying to view. If you are investing in residential proxies you will get the power to send as many requests as you want every minute. Even your chances of getting blacklisted or blocked will get reduced to a great extent. Residential proxy is one of the highly trusted as well as reliable proxies.
  • The moment you get blocked from a website which is having valuable information for you, you feel depressed. We are sure that you will want to cover the gap which is causing due to the true IP you are having. The ideal way to cover up your actual IP is to make use of residential proxy network.

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