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Impress Your Date With A Romantic Lobster Dinner At Home

by lenardjohnson (writer), , December 06, 2017

You shouldn’t have to book a restaurant reservation in order to have a romanticdinner date—the restaurant will likely be too expensive, too crowded and too loud for you to hold a conversation.

You can have a much nicer time if you forget about the restaurant and save that reservation for your dining-room table.

You can arrange your dining-room to feel just like a high-end bistro by dimming the lights, setting up some candles and putting a vase of fresh flowers on the table. Chill a bottle of wine by placing it in a bucket filled with ice or by putting the bottle in the refrigerator at least one hour before serving it. If you want to show off your bartending skills, you can create some date-night cocktails using your nicest glassware and garnishes like coiled orange rind or whole cherries. These details will set the mood for your romantic night and show that you put your heart and soul into planning this dinner.

For the main course, you will want to dazzle your date with an exquisite dish, so serve them an extravagant entrée like lobster. You will want to make sure that your lobster is as fresh as possible—the website LobsterAnywhere can help you order Maine lobster and deliver it right to your door. The website is the most convenient way that you can get fresh seafood without stepping foot in a fish market. You can also use the website as your source for everything lobster — it can give you information about preparation and delicious recipes that you can try for your date.

You will want to make sure to use the lobster meat only because cracking into the shell will not be fitting for your charming date-night. You can cook the lobster ahead of time, pull out the meat and add it to a delicious risotto or linguine for your main course. If you feel it’s necessary to include the shell in your lobster dinner for two, buy lobster tails, cut long lines through the top and bake them in the oven. The opening on the top of the lobster tail will allow you to eat the meat inside the shell without too much mess.

When you finish up your romantic seafood dinner, you will need to serve a lovely dessert as a final course. You can never go wrong with making a chocolate dessert recipe, as long as it’s not too decadent—having a big slice of cheesecake after a luxurious meal could be overwhelming. Choose something in a smaller portion-size or something you can split like chocolate covered strawberries or a bowl of raspberries and chocolate mousse.

Instead of bringing your date to a crowded restaurant, create your own romantic dining experience at home. Your date will be surprised with every delectable dinner detail — and more importantly, they will be impressed at the thought and care that you put into making the night so special.

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