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Know How to buy lab Created Diamonds

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , November 26, 2017

If you want to buy lab Created Diamonds, keep these things in mind.

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes. Now, they come from different sources too. Not just different mines, but different origins. Today, a diamond isn’t just available in nature, but can actually be created in a lab. These lab created diamonds have a lot going for them. And if you want to buy one of these, keep these things in mind.

    1.You’re doing the ethical thing- blood diamonds or conflict diamonds are sourced in hostile zones or war zones and then sold to fund the war that’s taking place there. Sometimes it goes into the warlord’s coffers, used then to finance nefarious activities. When you purchase a diamond, you don’t always know where it comes from, and thus, are indirectly supporting the conflict. Lab create diamonds do not have this massive problem. They are made in a controlled environment and you can rest assured about its provenance. Many lab created diamonds come with a conflict free guarantee.

    2.It’s the more eco-friendly choice-diamonds are mined and that puts pressure on the earth. While demand is rising every year, thanks to a burgeoning middle class, especially in Asia, supply can hardly keep up. It’s been over ten years since a mine has been found and that makes the pressure to find a natural diamond even stronger. Labcreated diamonds are sustainable, the smart, and earth friendly choice, and one that will keep the planet happy.

    3.These diamonds are not fake- don’t confuse a lab created diamond with a cubic zirconia. The latter has no carbon crystals and is not a diamond. Lab created diamonds hascarbon and is the same composition as a natural diamond.

    4.They are created the same way- we know that a diamond goes through a torturous process to become what it becomes- high pressure and high heat. The same conditions are created in the lab to make the diamond there too. These diamonds are identical in physical, optical and chemical composition to their natural counterparts. They have the same hardness, and all the qualities you’d associate with a regular diamond.

    5.It’s not a new concept- while lab created diamonds seem to be all the buzz now, they’ve been around for decades, from the 1950s, in fact. They were initially used for high precision tools and were considered not good enough for jewellery. Thanks to better technology, lab created diamonds have become superior and are becoming more and more popular. The world’s biggest lab for creating diamonds is in Singapore and has the capability of creating more than 300,000 carats in one single year.

    6.They come with certification- quite a few lab created diamonds come with certification to attest their authenticity. This means that exchange is possible. Also, you can rest assured that you’ve bought something real.

    7.Big brands support it- Swarovski, the by-word in crystals, has delved into the world of lab created diamonds for a more sustainable diamond option. The company believes in ‘conscious luxury,’ and the lab creations tie into the company’s principle. What’s more, they cost close to 30% less than regular diamonds.

    8.The price point isn’t always less- lab created diamonds don’t necessarily cost less than regular diamonds. So don’t go in for one thinking it will be lighter on your pocket.

    9.It is highly personalised- the component used to create the diamond can be anything you want it to be- a piece of fabric, a lock of hair, anything that has significance for you. Choose the colour you want, the carat, and also the cut. Because it’s lab created, this diamond does not have inclusions or cuts, making it a near-perfect stone.

If a personalised flawless diamond is what you’re after, lab created diamonds are the one for you.

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