Should You Hire a Professional Painter, or Not

There is a reason why people paint their home by themselves, no codes apply to interior decoration, and we like to exploit it. But, it doesn’t mean you should make a mess. We understand that money can be an issue when it comes to the interior, but you can make a real difference if you knew where you have to call in the professionals. Let the following guide explain that in details.

One Room or Whole House

Applying 1 coat seems like an easy weekend project. Do some prepping like move furniture, prep the walls, and sand trims sound easy enough. But tackling a shady room is a lot different than repainting your whole house.

You will need to do a lot more than some scraping and sanding before even applying the first coat of paint. After that, you should let a pro cover handle everything.

How Many Stories?

Painting one storey of your home is ambition. But painting two stories mean dedication to turn things around. This is more like a contractor’s touch. Yes, if you are going to paint more than just one story, you better let the professionals handle it.

Repair, or New

If your remodeling contractor is done with finishing the drywall, good news prep work is down, and you can start painting. However, if you are working on sidings along with the walls, it’s going to take twice as long. So it won’t hurt if you get extra helping hands on board.

Same Color or New a One

Painting a wall is no challenge, especially if you got a roller. Repainting the same color doesn’t call for priming, you just need to be careful with the finish coat. Changing the color needs more than two coats, and double the effort. So, if you are refreshing the old scent, it’s ok if you choose to do it yourself.

Plain Walls or Woodwork

If you have simple walls, you can add new life to them with a fresh coat of paint. Just grab a roller, and you will be done within the day. But, if you have some woodwork done there, you need a delicate touch.

Whatever it is, wide baseboards, window casing, decoration at the ceiling, woodwork needs time and energy. Also, trimming needs fresh brushwork to match with the new paint. So, you will be better off to leave it to the professionals.

First Rate or Barely Surviving

If you believe hiring a pro is expensive, then wait till you hire an amateur. Yes, if you think getting a professional on the case is going to cost you, you are in for a rude awakening.

Look at some of your previous painting projects, and see if the trim is smooth enough, walls are uniform, and the whole thing is free of lap marks? If you feel these results are near impossible, then maybe it’s time you hire a professional. In the end, you will know how a professional painter work on such surfaces.

Painting Interior vs. Exterior

Inside the house there is a solid floor, low ceilings, and artificial yet consistent bring lights. On the outside, the rough ground makes it hard to set ladders, and reach roof projections, the morning dew can lead to paint adhesion issues, and rain ruins the still wet paint. So, if money is a problem, you divide the work between yourself and the contractor, let him make the hard bid on both inside and out.