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Guideline and our recommendation for the best mountain bike

by avitadcosta (writer), Santa Clara, CA, November 11, 2017

Guideline and our recommendation for the best mountain bike

Whether you are a professional mountain biker or not, choosing a mountain bike never becomes easier, especially for the beginners. They are a bit inexperienced about the things of a bike that they have to look for . That’s why you need to research before buying a bike as if you don’t have to pay for anything that wastes your money. So to help you to choose the right bike, here you wrote a step by step guideline that you should look for before choosing a bike.

Size: This is the first requirement that you can’t avoid. There you can get various sizes mountain bikes, but you have to fix what is the perfect wheel size of the bike that suits you. The sizes that are available on the market: 24” 26” 27” & 29.5”. So pick the right size that corresponds to your height.

Frame: This is wheredepends the durability of your bike. Obviously the frame should be durable as if it can absorb the shocks when you ride it on rough terrain. So there are four types of frame that uses to build the mountain bikes and those are, steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber.

Brakes: Brakeisone of themost important parts of your bike that takes the control over your ride. You can’t imagine a proper control without a perfect breaking system. There are mainly two types of brakes: Rim and Disk brake. We usually recommend the disc brake as it can give you a safe ride. But the rim brakes also have extra value that depends on some factors.

Gears: While the thing comes about controlling your bike, the gears also have a great role on it. Actually the gear offers various numbers of speeds that gives a precise control on riding on different types of terrains.

Our Recommendation:Diamondback Sorrento Hardtail

We researched a lot to recommend you a strong mountain bike that makes your ride safe & more enjoyable. We got this bike that currently took the place as one of the best hardtail MTB under 300. Indeed, one of the positive thing of this bike you can pick this model for various price ranges, although that varies on the size of the bike. It’s available on various sizes, so there is no hassle to pick the right one that fits to your height. Here we have shortly highlighted the specifications of this bike.


1.The frame of the bike made from durable & lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum frame that provides the stability to ride the bike on any path or terrain.

2.The 27.5” wheels bring the easinees to ride it on everywhere with great traction.

3.SR Suntour suspension fork that properly absorbs the shock of bumps to make your ride safe & comfortable.

4. And it also features a Shimano 7-speed derailleurs with extremely durable Linear pull brakes that offer a great stopping power on any kind of toughest roads.

So these are the things that make this bike great!

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