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Kogi: Serial killer who murdered 19 Christians in Kogi finally liquidated

by Editor (editor), , October 24, 2017

According to police reports, Issah murdered 6 police officers and 19 Christian worshipper.

Kogi news latest events signify that residents of Kogi State can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Kogi State Police notified citizens that the infamous Lukman Issah, a serial killer known to many as Commander, was killed at Obeiba on September 3.

According to police reports, Issah murdered 6 police officers and 19 Christian worshippers before he met his demise at the hands of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

Police told Kogi State news outlets that Lukman was a ruthless and bloodthirsty arsonist and serial killer. For years, he was a known authority among criminals. He was the man behind numerous arsons, robberies and murders. Police also shared that the criminal came from the Emani Clan, Obeiba-Ihima area, Okehi LGA.

Many innocent people, including members of police force, state prison officers and regular civilians had their lives taken from them too soon because of Issah and the members of his gang. According to the representative of the police William Aya, Lukman and his cronies enjoyed their reign of terror for 17 long years. It lasted all the way from 2001 until September 3, 2017, when police finally put an end to it.

Among other crimes, Issah’s band of criminals have a murder of two policemen under their belts. The event happened on May 15 on the Ogori/Magongo-Okene Road, when police approached them for a stop-and-search.

During the operation, criminals shot Inspector Ochekpo Amanyi (Police Mobile Force Squadron 37) and Assistant Superintended of Ogori/Magongo Division, Adetoye Okuntade. After killing the officers, Lukman and his team set the patrol car on fire. They also took the two AK47s that belonged to the deceased policemen and sixty rounds of ammo.

Police reports also described other crimes of the gang. For instance, they attacked the members of 37 Police Mobile Force that were on special duty. The clash happened at Adogo, Ajaokuta LGA, and resulted in deaths of four officers: Constable Bulus Linka, Corporal Sunday Ogbole, Sergeant Moses Usman and Inspector Maxwell Dan-Zaria.

Another terrible crime commited by Lukman’s gang was the attack of August 6, 2012 on Deeper Life Bible Church attendees. As a result of the tragic event near the Federal College of Education in Okene, 19 people lost their lives, and many others were injured.

Ihima community, the place where Lukman came from, has suffered from his activities as well. In February 2012, Issah killed Ohireba of Ihima (traditional ruler of the area). The victim was shot dead in his own home as he was minding his own business and relaxing. Many linked this murder to the termination of Okiri masquerade in the times of fuel subsidy crisis.

Lukman did not go out quietly. During his arrest, he and his fellow criminals took shots at police in order to not be taken alive. Police, on the other hand, really wanted to capture Issah and question him on his accomplices and exploits during the years of his terror and to find out where he was storing his weapons.

As Lukman suffered several fatal injuries, he was taken to a hospital, where doctors tried to save his life. Nevertheless, he still died, and police did not have an opportunity to find the answers to their questions.

In other news from Kogi State, two Boko Haram suspects have been apprehended and put on trial at the Lokoja Chief Magistrate’s Court. Bashiru Yahaya, Abdullahi Habib Audu and Ahmed Momoh appeared at the court before Levi Animoku (Chief Magistrate) on September 8. It was reported that two of the suspects (namely Yahaya and Audu) worked as computer specialists, while Momoh specialised in herbs.

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