Why Cycling Isn’t Out of Fashion

Across the UK, driving a car has long been the symbol of independence and freedom. As people grew up, hordes of teenagers dumped their bicycles in the garage and got driving as soon as they could. However, with the cost of tuition rising for those under 20, many will start to wish for a cheaper mode of transport.

There is one, and it’s called cycling! It’s time to go back to basics and get active, as the benefits of the bicycle far outweigh the costs of the car. So, here’s why you should make the switch!

Slicker City Travel

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The city is famous for blaring horns and angry road rage, but the drivers all end up stuck in the same place; behind a red light, and about a dozen or so cars.

However, cyclists can swerve around the traffic or through a park, skipping the roads all together. After all, cities are accommodating a more bike-friendly approach, meaning many are peddling to and from work on rewarding routes! Additionally, thanks to companies like Brompton and their range of foldable and electric bikes, they can be packed for public transport or made accessible to those with physical impairments. The cyclist has never been more readily adaptable for navigating the streets!

Of course, there are less road regulations to remember too, with getting about the city made cheap and convenient!

Improved Health

There isn’t much to be said for exercise in sitting down, turning a wheel, pushing pedals or occasionally reaching down to adjust the handbrake.

Nevertheless, the cyclist will see enormous improvements in their health the more they keep active. Whether it’s fighting diseases, keeping your brain active or building your strength, biking around is its own medicine. Furthermore, it’s easy to fit into the day-to-day routine, with opportunities presenting themselves every time you leave the house.

Ultimately, being lazy isn’t a rewarding process, but keeping up an active hobby is an improvement general wellbeing. Who knows? You may discover a new passion!

A Better Environment

While the motorways and country lane.0s can be stacked up with cars, pollution is inevitable. Impacting the environment, the use of cars can only poison the planet further should they be used so heavily.

Studies show that cycling is actually a better method of countering air pollution than even electric cars, which should inspire many to make the switch. Not only does the activity save time, money, and lives, but it is also saving the planet in unison. Therefore, cycling is a great way not only to help yourself, but others too, making it the quintessential experience in travel.

Ultimately, the proof is out there as many are swapping to cycling, sparking a fashionable resurgence to the biking trend!