How to Invest Your Money For a Decent Retirement at Old Age

Think Outside the Box!

Investing wisely for the future is not something that can be achieved directly on the advice of other people, as the majority of people almost always is proven wrong in their decisions. Most people make mistakes managing their money, this is because they are lazy to do their own research, or because they simply cannot afford the time to do it. In order to invest your money for a decent retirement, you have to use a little diversification, and choose very good investments. You can be your own pension fund, and take full responsibility for your actions and decisions. The best way to profit in today’s work is through the financial markets. But if you are a person working full time, who cannot afford the time to watch the markets or finds them too stressful, then the best alternative to invest in, is the antiques market. And specifically the antique stamps market. It’s a slow, but crash-proof market, guaranteed to offer you the retirement that you always wanted. The disadvantage is that you will need to put more money in the antique stamps, than you would have to put in a stock market type investment. Pension funds today offer little payouts, almost as if your money earned very little interest over a lifetime, but they do offer some medical coverage that investments don’t offer. And of course, in many cases it’s compulsory for your employer or business to have you covered through some kind of social insurance policy, which includes medical coverage and some basic pension. But it’s not worth contributing money for a top pension, only the medical provisions are worth paying for. So you are better off having the lowest possible, legal social insurance, and investing the rest of your money on your own.

Use CFDs and Binary Options

CFDs and binary options are two great trading tools you can use in medium term investing, for hedging stock market risk, and enhancing the performance of any stock portfolio. In order to invest your money for a decent retirement, you can definitely start investing in commodity stocks. These are stocks related to gold mining, oil, and other commodities. Consider for example buying stocks in major oil companies, these are extremely unlikely to crash, and always recover from adversity. When you invest money in these stocks you will profit from the long term trend and you will make much more money than from keeping that same money in a bank account. The use of CFDs and binary options, especially One Touch options, come to enhance this investment. First, you will be able to profit from short term declines in the market, without having to sell the actual stock, and without having to pay dealing commissions, that’s a direct advantage of CFDs. Moreover, you will be able to further limit risk, and enhance profitability on the few trades where binary options can be used. Think of crude oil for example, all oil stocks tend to follow the trend of crude oil, if crude oil goes up, so do all oil stocks, and if a decline is to happen, the stocks may provide hints, and start declining first. In many cases, stocks will actually be leading the way, up and down, this lead time may be just one week or so. Moreover, the use of CFDs and binary options, through wise research, can take out most of the bad volatility and risk associated with stock investing. And only commodity stocks are recommended, commodities, just like antiques, have enduring value. It’s for different reasons in each case, but they both have enduring, crash-proof value. You can grow your retirement investment portfolio this way, by around 20% or more per year, which a large pension fund can never do for you.