5 Tips for effective advertising on Instagram

Instagram has evolved and emerged as a complete yet diverse platform. Growing at an overwhelming rate, this social networking platform now boasts over 700 million active monthly users. Apart from that, Instagram also boasts an extremely active and highly engaged community.

Instagram which was once used for socializing purposes solely, has now emerged as the most promising prospect for social media marketing.

Subject to its current growth, accommodating algorithms, high engagement and increase in functionality, Instagram is now a vital element of any social media marketing strategy.

From SMBs to multi-national organizations, Instagram is being utilized for marketing and advertising purposes everywhere.

Here are some tips that will improve your Instagram advertising by increasing its effectiveness and reach.

Create a Strategy

This above statement may seem like a vague statement used day in day out but let’s dig in deeper. Creating a strategy is extremely important for the sake of your Instagram advertising campaign.

Initially, you should set achievable and time-bound objectives. Your objectives must reflect the company’s goals and must be in-line with the company’s overall objectives.

These objectives will provide you a vision and a direction for your strategy.

Moving on, another important suggestion is to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and compare the results with set objectives, to see if your campaign is moving in the right direction and if it is sufficient enough.

To measure the effectiveness of your Instagram advertising campaign and check statistics related to your posts and followers, you’ll need analytics tools. There are tons of third-party Instagram analytics tools that can be utilized for the purpose mentioned above. Moreover, you can also use Instagram insights, which are provided by Instagram itself. ‘Instagram insights’ offers a range of actionable statistics that can be analyzed to measure and improve your Instagram advertising campaigns.

Target the ‘Right’ audience

Advertising your brand to the irrelevant people who have no long-term interest in your products is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Until and unless you’re targeting the relevant audience, your Instagram advertising is useless.

It is essential to approach the right audience, communicate your message to them and develop relations with them. You should only target the individuals who are likely to be interested in your products.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer marketing is quite an effective way to approach audience and establish relations with them. Even though influencer marketing isn’t a brand new concept, there’s a lot of hype around it in recent time. That’s because social media, Instagram to be particular, has revitalized the importance of this Word-to-mouth recommendation based advertising.

To benefit from influencer marketing, you must approach the relevant influencers, discuss and generate a collaboration structure with them and allow them creative freedom.

You can boost the brand awareness, and brand loyalty around your brand as influencers’ endorsement is highly effective.

Multi-platform Promotion

To mobilize most of your social media audience on Instagram, you can link up your Instagram profile to your brand’s Facebook and Twitter profiles. Next, you can ask your Facebook (and Twitter) audience to follow your Instagram account. This way, you can have more followers on Instagram, resulting in higher engagement and better advertising.

Leverage Instagram Promotion

Instagram launched their Instagram Business Tools not-so-long ago. Along with several other features, this set of tools also provides Promotional features. With Instagram’s promotion, you can convert any well-performing Instagram post into an advert, long as your desire. It doesn’t end here; you can also add a Call-to-action and specify your target audience. It makes your Instagram adverts more efficient and influential.

Using an effective combination of the techniques mentioned above, you can optimize your Instagram advertising and maximize leads.