Keep Your Hands Clean so Your Past Doesn’t Come Back to Bite

In 2007, a young volleyball coach was accused of Voyeurism inside of a tanning salon. When confronted, he gave excuses that ultimately lead to a sex offender assessment. Fast forward to the current year and it was recently revealed that said volleyball coach was forced to resign due to hiding his past. Now, while this might seem like an uncommon case, you’ll be surprised at how many people have tried to hide their past in order to live a new life or achieve something more in life.

Source: Pexels

People will forgive, assuming you let them

Not everyone can accept forgiveness. If you’ve done something terrible, you may turn to God or even ask for forgiveness from the victim. However, some people refuse to ask for forgiveness and live their lives hiding in fear. They hate themselves, they might harm themselves and it can contribute to an unstable mental state. Either way, it’s not healthy if you don’t let yourself be forgiven.

Even if your hands aren’t clean, it’s important to realise that there is help out there that can make you feel more at peace with what you’ve done. It’s important to follow the guidance of professionals such as Tulsa Criminal Lawyers Law Firm or even family members if you want to clean your hands with whatever you’ve done. If you fail to do this, then not only will it come back to bite you (much like it did for the volleyball coach example in the introduction) but it’s also hard to say what will happen to your mental state.

Steps to keep your hands clean

However, sometimes it’s not as drastic as committing a crime. Perhaps you’ve done something that would annoy your friends, family members or even colleagues. Maybe you’ve been living a lie due to an embarrassing moment in the past, or perhaps you’ve told a white lie that is constantly nagging you. Either way, it’s important to come clean and keep your hands free of dirt so that it doesn’t fester and cause more problems in the future. Regardless of what people say when you first reveal it, it’s important to remember that forgiveness does exist, even if it takes a long time.

Cheating on a partner, lying to family members or even pushing the blame onto someone else are all forgivable depending on how severe it was and the person in question. But if you hide these things for too long, then it will create more problems in the future. It’s better to come clean as soon as possible instead of waiting for the right time.

While it can be difficult to keep your hands clean, it’s important to identify when you are in the wrong and when you’ve done something that could upset another. Whether it’s something you think is small or something you think that is unforgivable, come clean with it so that your past never comes back to haunt you at the most inconvenient or awkward time.