A jet card is much like a debit card that allows you to prepay for private flying at a fixed hourly rate with ensured availability. Of course, cost is the proverbial body of the private jet membership, but the terms and flexibility offered are its soul.

More importantly, the cost is contingent upon the frequency of your flying. It is crucial to remember that every jet subscription program varies in several ways from the plane’s size to its availability as well as applicable travel policy on minors and bringing your pets. Moreover, pilot accreditations, peak time surcharges, jet sourcing standards, service areas where you can fly, VIP perks, luxury partnerships and extra fees are all the things that must be considered to reap complete benefits of a jet card membership.

Here are five benefits of investing in a private jet membership program:


First and foremost, you can establish a specific hourly price instead of a fresh round of negotiations each time. Secondly, such programs guarantee you access with varying parameters for peak periods and advance reservations, usually ranging from 4 to 24 hours. Also, such rates are usually locked in for a 12-24-month period.

Some providers of the programs have put together value-added benefits for their members ranging from exclusive access at sporting events to complimentary nights at luxury hotels, and even significant discounts at premium jewellers and fashion stores.

Jet cards come in two general types - a fixed amount of money on deposit or a fixed number of hours. Either way, the main thing you are buying is a set in stone hourly rate for different sized aircrafts. The most widely used jet card type is a 25-hour one. However, you can buy as many as 100 hours or as few as 5 hours.


Whilst some people won’t know too much about aircrafts and may just settle for the one with the best reviews or features, others may be more selective. So, if you do want to choose a specific aircraft, you can!

There are jet card membership programs offering planes from turboprops (such as Beechcraft King Air 350i) to light jets and long-range, jets like the Gulfstream 550 and Bombardier Global 6000 which can fly nearly 7k miles, almost 13 hours nonstop.


Flying private is extremely safe. The key to ensuring your safety is to ask pertinent questions before investing in a private jet subscription. This is because by asking relevant questions you can make sure that you are contracting with a professional private jet aircraft broker or seller.

You can take inspiration from the following questions:

  • What is your charter broker or jet card provider’s experience in the private aviation industry?
  • What is the exact aviation experience of the management at your jet card charter broker or provider?
  • How do you or your charter broker source planes?
  • Who will be the pilot? What is their level of experience?

You can also check the website of the private jet company you will be getting the membership from, as they will usually include relevant safety assurance there. For example, the membership from Paramount Business Jets ensures safety checks are run on every pilot beforehand and have set safety policies which you can request to see.


While you can reap a lot personal benefits from a jet card membership, buying the same for your corporation can offer equal value.

It will:

  1. Save executive and employee time.
  2. Alleviate travellers’ security and productivity.
  3. Enable you to visit multiple destinations efficiently and quickly.
  4. Allow access to communities with no or little or airline service.
  5. Breed scheduling predictability.
  6. Enable your company to move critical equipment and supplies.
  7. Diminish non-business hours away from home, raise employee and executive satisfaction as well as retention.
  8. Grow return to shareholders.
  9. Allow you to have meetings on-board with no disturbances
  10. Make possible more personal time to explore new places and pursue hobbies and increase time with friends and family.

5. The Extras and Perks

Just like a premium commercial airline membership, jet card membership providers are continuously seeking to appear more attractive to prospective customers by providing added perks and benefits. For instance, bonuses available to jet card holders can range from:

  • Ground transportation between the airfield and member’s home or office.
  • Several accommodation discounts.
  • Exclusive entry to private clubs.
  • Spa service discounts.
  • Special retail offers.

Moreover, card providers are now also offering private access to special events such as concerts, high end dinners and sporting events.

It is crucial to remember that the largest jet card companies tend to be the ones that offer the most attractive bundle of perks. If you are considering these benefits as part of your assessment, make sure to use them. Several card holders regard them as nice to have option rather than a must have option.