Training Tips For Baseball Players

According to the International Baseball Federation, Baseball is played as a sport in 112 countries with over 35 million registered baseball players. Yes, you heard me right over 35 million players. So, therefore it is no longer a debate topic about how popular baseball sport is. Every game has rules and regulation so also do they have training methods. If you as an experienced player or rookie want to succeed, then you should be ready to know, understand, and follow these tips to the latter. There is definitely no shortcut to succeeding as a baseball player or even coach. There are quite a lot of techniques involved in the game of baseball some of them include, Pitching, Catching, Hitting, and also Coaching. Below are some baseball training tips for the different positions:

  • Baseball Catching Training Tips

Baseball sport involves catching the ball as part of the game. This is usually quite a difficult aspect of the game. For both rookies and seasoned baseball players, training to become a great catcher such as Buster Posey usually starts from the mind. It is of great importance to start training your mind towards it. Also, you need to learn how to train your vision which helps you in changing your eyes swiftly. Try to stay light on your feet and most importantly, and be quick. Catchers must also be trained to have "soft" hands and catch the ball with good form while being able to frame pitches at the same time.

  • Baseball Pitching Training Tips

Baseball sport also involves pitching which requires a high amount of flexibility. So, therefore, the training melt out for a pitcher is quite different from that of a position player. It is very important for a pitcher to always stretch out before a training exercise because it allows the muscles to be energised. As a pitcher in training, you need to exercise the shoulders, engage in squats regularly in other to build up strong legs and knees, and a pitcher should also learn to train his/her eyes because having a good and dynamic vision is important in noticing the target. Finally, the arms are the most important aspect when it comes to the baseball playing. Exercises aimed at training the arms should be the utmost priority. These exercises should focus on training the arm to be flexible and swing easily.

  • Baseball Hitting Training Tips

Whether you are training to improve your hitting strategy or hitting mechanism, it is important for you to learn these few training tips aimed at improving the quality of you’re hitting. It is important for a baseball hitter to understand the importance of relaxation and being able to control the rhythm of the game. Hitters should be trained to possess a hand-eye coordination which is the most important tip for a hitter. As a Hitter, it is important to learn how to distribute your body weight in a 60/40 weight distribution. Body movement is very important for a baseball hitter. A baseball hitter should learn how to move their upper and lower body, feet and hands in a decisive manner.

While there are lots of baseball training tips and drill all over the internet, it is of great importance to dedicate time, and practise more often so as to become better. Most of the major training tips usually involves:

  • Training to increase your speed
  • Improving the power of your swing by practising oblique exercises
  • Training to build the upper body strength by engaging in chest and back workout exercises.