What is the Best Zipper Design Available?

There are many different zipper designs that are developed since the beginning of using this revolutionary product. Zippers are most commonly used and available on most clothes and accessories in today’s world. We decided to present you different designs that are implemented as the indispensable part of the fashion industry:

  1. The All Purpose Zipper

This particular type of zipper is most commonly used and widely recognized and popular zipper. It is very lightweight with small teeth and at the end, it contains lock that holds the tape together. That keeps the ends from separating. It is used in most cases for skirts, dresses, blouses because they deserve this kind of zippers that could bend along with a garment: in case that you use a heavier zipper, that would not allow it to bend along with the line of the garment. There are different lengths and most of them are available with metal or polyester teeth which match the tape color.

  1. Invisible Zipper

The invisible zipper contains fine teeth and it is sewn into the garment in a way that makes it almost invisible. The only visible part is pulling tab, which is usually made with less obtrusive and smaller design if compared with other zippers. You don’t need a top stitching which is far more convenient. It is specifically made for formal clothing because the idea is not to distract lines. You have to understand that there are fewer variations in length, and they are not available in different colors because they are not visible. They are sewed by special machines that are compatible with sewing them inside the seam. When sewing an invisible zipper, the zipper is sewn before the seam.

  1. Trouser Zipper

This particular type of zippers is sewn into the pants. In most cases, the zipper is made with polyester coils which are woven into the tape, with a closed bottom to keep the bottom from separating. It is very strong in order to lock perfectly your trousers and to prevent any embarrassing moments.

The main components of perfect zipper:

  • Zipper Slider – This is an integral part of the zipper because it cannot operate without properly installed slider that fits. It contains two parts: pull tab and slider. The slider moves up and down in order to separate or join teeth that are holding the zipper together.
  • Teeth – Zipper elements are small metal or plastic studs that are attached to the tape. They are connected at the bottom in most cases and by the slider, they are separated or joined together.
  • Zipper Tape – Zipper tape is material where teeth are attached to and it is used in order to attach the zipper to a bag, garment, etc. It could be made from vinyl, cotton, polyester or synthetic fibers.

You have to find your own zipper design that you can use on your fashion details. Every piece of your closet has to be perfectly compatible with a zipper so that you can use it freely and more efficiently.