Protect your money and your identity with a RFID wallet

Protecting yourself from the theft of your personal biographical and financial data is a serious issue that requires everyone's attention. Criminals continually discover new methods and scams and one of the most recent can be found with RFID technology.

If you have no idea what RFID technology is, or where to find it in your daily life, then this article is for you. RFID technology has come a long way since its invention in 1946. In today's modern world RFID chips are everywhere, and we use them more often than you may realize.

What is RFID?

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, involves the use of a silicon data chip connected to a transmitter. The transmitter allows the chip to be encoded with a variety of different data. The first commercial application that brought the world's attention to RFID was in pet identification. Since the nineties, hundreds of thousands of pets have had RFID chips implanted in them bearing their owners information.

More modern uses of RFID can be found in logistics firms, where the chips are used to track and monitor the flow of goods through a supply chain, in order to optimize logistical processes. The access control industry uses RFID chips to allow keyless access to restricted areas.

RFID chips have also been embedded in military personnel. The RFID chip[ is encoded with the medical records and vital information of the officer. Should they be injured in the line of duty and be unable to speak for themselves, the RFID chip will let the medical team know of any allergies to medications or important medical information related to the officer’s health.

By far, the most interesting application, and most concerning, is the use of RFID chips in our bank cards and passports to verify our identity and account information.

The Dark side of RFID

These two applications in our personal lives expose our personal data to the prying eyes of criminals. The weakness in RFID technology is the fact that the data on the chips is not encrypted. This makes it easy to access to anyone with a portable RFID scanner.

Criminals have caught onto this trend and are able to order a compact, portable scanner online which they can then use to steal the data encoded on your identity documents and bank cards. The data can be harvested from the device at a later stage and then sold to other criminals, or used to commit identity theft or fraud in your name.

The RFID wallet

There is a solution to this scam. A RFID wallet is the must have item for anyone that is concerned about safeguarding their personal identity and data. The RFID wallet available from www.ibricraft.comcontains a thin aluminum strip manufactured into the wallet cover.

This thin metallic strip deflects the frequency of any RFID scanners in the immediate area to you, protecting your sensitive data stored on your RFID chips from theft. The wallet looks fashionable and is very functional, with all the card holders and pouches for your personal identity documents. Available in different colors and styles to suit both men and women, the RFID wallet is the perfect, stylish accessory to keep your data safe.

Why take a chance with your money?

You work hard for your money and you value your reputation. It is wise to take a proactive approach to possible identity theft by purchasing a RFID wallet and never leaving home without it again. Stay safe and keep your money and identity secure, with so much at stake, why take a chance on it?