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Ways You Can Use To Conduct SEO Audit of Your Site

by Editor (editor) , May 31, 2017

That said and done, let’s have a look at how you can conduct a successful SEO audit of your site:

While opting for the automated process could help save time, it is not always the best way of conducting an SEO audit. In this case, if you are looking forward to ensuring a successful SEO audit of your site, then it would be a wise idea to go it manually as the process is equally not time-consuming as may be perceived. On average, it could take you approximately an hour to handle an audit of a site having around 100 pages. Hence, if you are a serious online marketer, it is our bet that you wouldn’t mind spending an hour conducting a manual SEO audit of your site.

At, we do understand how tempting the various SEO audit tools are. However, the best place to begin your SEO audit journey is Google’s Keyword Tool. That said and done, let’s have a look at how you can conduct a successful SEO audit of your site:

1. Citation audit – This part of SEO audit concerns most with businesses that are operating locally. Thus, you do not need to concentrate on this part in case your site operates internationally. People with e-commerce sites do not require going through this section.

As a local business owner, you will need to focus most on the following section when doing SEO audit for your site. You redirect your focus to where your site is displaying in the local search results. Try to search for common errors such as:

  • There are two pages on the sites using the same physical address
  • There are no visible citations regarding your business
  • You have a business that contains a page or pages on Yelp/Yellow Pages with a wrong address. There may be a defunct address without the mark “closed.”

Unless your site is shown in the local searches, it will be hard for you to locate local businesses. Once you have gathered enough info, you can now sit back and enter the results into your site’s SEO report for review before embarking on your local SEO. What you must understand is that an internationally targeted SEO differs greatly from local-based SEO. You will find that certain cities/ towns and your local business competitors appearing recurrently in your SEO strategies as compared to how they do nationally.

As such, it would be wise for you to put more emphasis on your locality and your prospective customers for that particular product.

Conduct searches in SE

Being a professional online marketer, you must have searched your business or brand in Google. Well, this is a great achievement in terms of SEO audit. The moment you enter a search query in a SE like Google, Bing or Yahoo, you will be able see the displayed results. Definitely, the search results are related to your brand and indicate a detailed SEO data regarding your business.

  • Are all pages on your site displayed?
  • What are your targeted keyphrases?
  • How do the search results appear? Are the descriptions and titles correct?

Knowledge Graph, which is currently popularly used technique in the SEO world, allows you to have a clear picture of your site’s search engine results – not there ranking position but the outcome.

Analyzing your domain

While this may seem understandable, it is good to note that the role of your domain is to provide information pertaining to your site. In this case, you may as well take advantage of the various SEO audit tools to analyze your domain. However, going for the Domain Tools could be a wise idea as they are capable of automatically doing certain task; hence, saving you the hassle of going through all the stage when analyzing your domain.

Bottom line: SEO audit of your site is essential and there are a number of ways you can use to achieve the best results. Visit us at: to learn more.

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