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Reasons Why Your Website Needs Videos

by Caroline Murphy (writer), Mumbai, India, June 18, 2017

More than 80 percent of consumers access video content on the web.

Are you still among those website owners who shy away from the use of videos in their website? Despite the fact that video content is highly profitable to the popularity of the website, there are still many people who still don’t exploit this part of the SEO, although most of the website design company in Mumbai are always advising website owners to do so.

For people who are still not using it, here are three main reasons why they definitely should use videos on their website:

    1. Easy message delivering:

    Depending on the type of business and the related content, videos can prove to be mighty useful in getting your point across to your visitors as videos provide practical knowledge as opposed to the theoretical content you make them read. Videos also provide a visual effect which instantly catches up with the viewer which connects your brand to the video whenever the viewer watches the video elsewhere.

    2. Finding and embedding videos:

    It is not hard to find and embed videos in your website as there are many websites which provide videos at affordable subscriptions and zero royalty. Also, if you are a WordPress user, adding videos to the site is just a couple of clicks away.

    3. Amplify user engagement:

    Videos have the power to pull in traffic and engage your visitors. Higher the engagement span of the visitor on your website higher is the possibilities of the visitor turning into a customer as including a video that is related to the theme of the website increases the chances of the visitor spending more time on the site.

Use of videos in your website not only makes them informative but attractive as well. So, if you have not started using videos on your website, start now.

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