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Moving Houses Made Easy: A Few Tips and Tricks

by Kabir (writer), , June 05, 2017

So are you moving houses and still have no idea as to how to tackle all that hustle on that eventful day of yours? Look no further; this article might just be the right thing that you need right now.

In here we have provided a few tips and tricks that you should follow as closely as possible while moving houses. Do them the right way and you’ll just breeze through the entire process in almost no time. No pain, no headache but only gain. Now let’s begin.

1. Ensure that you have at least a playbook in your mind

By this we mean, walking through your new apartment/home and make a mental note of things that are going to go in each of your rooms.

It’d be good if you take photographs of each room separately. Then on the reverse side of each photograph note down the things that are going to go in each of them respectively. A systematic plan like that can definitely come handy on that eventful day of yours and will make the move much easier and more convenient.

2. Pack early because you’d be far better off without the hustle and the bustle

Your moving day’s going to be stressful enough. Hence, it’s advisable NOT to add to that stress by keeping everything left to be done on the day of your moving itself.

Start early, pack your clothes and other loose items systematically in sealed suitcases or trolleys (whatever you wish is comfortable and convenient enough) well before the day professional movers come into your house for the final move itself.

Things like that can save you a lot of headache for sure.

3. Intelligent organization is the solution

An intelligent and systematic approach can rightly be your solution to all forms of problems.

For example,

You can use some sort of a marking on all your packs to make relocating easier when you finally come to your new home. You can use different colored duct tape on each of your boxes/packs to signify the rooms in which they belong. Each color should signify different rooms. Intelligent organization like that can make the entire thing look as easy as a piece of cake.

Always remember that imagination is your only limitation. And every problem is solvable if you tackle it cleverly and logically.

4. Tackle extras with the aid of a self storage unit

Have plenty of extras that you have no idea as to how to fit into your new home? DO NOT dump them yet. A time might crop up in future where you might actually need something among those discarded pieces. So is there a solution?

Course there is! Opt for a self storage service (like self-storage Waterlooville) where you will be able to temporary store your extra goods at a very reasonable price. Safety isn’t just a possibility; it’s in fact a guarantee that usually comes automatically with these self storage services.

5. Music motivates

Moving is hard work indeed. And hence, you need some motivation for the job at hand. Music is a wonderful tool through which you will be able to motivate yourself (and others) on the job.

So keep a boombox close by and you might just be able to go through the whole ordeal in no time.

6. Keep your lunchbox close by

Your lunch box is your survival kit. So always keep that close.

Your moving day can hamper your entire daily routine. Just ensure that you actually get enough food to last you through the day. Food motivates, food energizes; now those are the things that you definitely need to build your spirits up to achieve something so humongous on that eventful day of yours.

7. Last but not the least, don’t do everything yourself

Sharing is caring. Hence, it’s more advisable to share your responsibilities among family members and see the way the chore becoming some sort of an enjoyable activity in no time.

Doing everything alone brings the spirit down. It even slows you down with every passing minute. After all, two hands are always better than one.

Once you are done with the job in hand, take a deep breath, close the door and sit down on the floor itself. Enjoy that particular moment in the quiet. Reflect on the fact that you have made it happen. It’s done. Welcome to your new house!

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