Games to Play While Traveling by RV

An RV trip is all about having fun. Having the right RV accessories and supplies such as multi-media items, satellite TV, and monitors can help reduce boredom and can enable you and your family to enjoy the trip.

That being said, when all else fails, what better way is there to have fun than with fun games to accompany you on your trip!

Among the items you will need for the below games will be a computer or gaming console (if you can fit it there) or even a piece of paper and pen. Even your phone can do the trick. Here are the best games to take on your RV trip.

The Alphabet Game

The simple aim is to find letters of the alphabet outside the car and not on another vehicle. The letter start from A all the way to Z and the one who reaches Z first is the winner. No one can repeat what another one already said.

Bury your horses

The first person to see a horse claims it and adds it to their count. When one sees a cemetery, the rest are to bury their horses as the one who saw the cemetery first keeps their horse count. The first to reach 50 horses wins.

Are we there yet?

You simply get a map of the route you will be taking then mark the start and finish points. Then you ask each to mark the exact location you are at using the landmarks on the map and the road.

Car color or type

The RV occupants simply predict the color or type of vehicle that will appear next. No two players are to choose the same car or color. It is a simple game to save money that would go on a gaming console, for example.

Comic Strip Game

For this game, cut the contents of a comic strip and mix them up. Have the players try to return them to their original place to make a sensible story.

Cows in the Cemetery Game

This is much like the horses in the cemetery game previously mentioned here. However, you will need to divide the players into two groups where each group counts the cows on their side. When they see a cemetery on their side, they will bury all their cows and start a new collection.

Eating the Alphabet Game

You start off by mentioning a food starting with the letter A such as apples. The next player mentions the same food then adds another one starting with B such as bacon. Make a list all the way to the letter Z.

Grandma's Cat

Kids especially love this game for their love of cats. The first player starts by saying that grandma's cat is…. then mentions an attribute with the letter A such as adorable. The next player mentions another attribute about the cat starting with the letter B such black till the letter Z is reached.

Animal Counting

While the previous games of horses and cows with cemeteries is limited to the sight of cemeteries which are hard to come by, you can have the game divided into two teams with the players on either side of the vehicle counting the number of animals on their side.

License Plate Games

The license plate games are many and of varied results. The most interesting one would be finding a car with a license plate from a given location such as Vermont. The next car to look for would be a car starting with the last letter of the previously plate in this case letter T. Look for cars such as Texas and others.

These games will keep everyone occupied until you reach the many destinations you have on your route. Those in the car will have an interesting time trying to be the champions of these games.