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Colleen Foster's Obituary

by Colleen Foster (writer), Missouri, December 01, 2017

My first take at writing my obituary. Eventually, the final draft of my obituary will go with my "papers" to be opened after my death.

Colleen Foster’s life here on earth was cut short Thursday, November 10th, six days before her 95th birthday. She planned on wearing a new purple dress to the birthday luncheon, her niece Nicole organized at Dave & Buster's. Instead, she will be laid to rest in her purple pageantry on Saturday at the Chapel of Lights Out, 1200 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV.

Friend and foe are welcome to come to her celebration of life, as she did have a full one that garnered admiration and wonderment these past 94 years.

Born in St. Louis, MO on November, 16, 1922 to parents Margaret and Patrick McCullough, she was the 8th to enter an already busy, hectic brood. When reminiscing, she emphasized what a joy it was to wear her older sister Catherine’s hand-me downs and prided herself on winning approximately 75% of the fights she had with her brother Kevin. She also considered herself crafty and clever when it came time to hide from her corporal punishment yielding parents. When asked about the other 5 siblings, she remembers a lot of words and commotion, but nothing specific.

As the older, more rebellious kids flew the coop, her parents calmed down and she enjoyed being spoilt and continuing the torment of Kevin, until he graduated from High School. Once he left for college, which was an 8 hour drive away, she relished being an only child, and once claimed the silence in the house was deafening.

After graduating from Marquette University in 1991, Colleen went to work a series of horrid jobs until she landed a much prestigious sought-after position with the State of Missouri, Division of Child Support Enforcement, as an Enforcement Technician.

This job led her eventually to the love of her life, Keith Foster, her husband of 60 years. Keith still survives the home at 105.

The happy couple had no children, believe it or not. But, their days yelling at each other and picking up after one another filled the void of a child’s pitter pat across the kitchen’s linoleum floor or loving hugs around the neck.

Ms. Colleen is survived by her husband, a few younger friends, and 21 nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her siblings, her parents, and all of her older friends. Contributions in memoriam are suggested to the St. Louis Writer’s Guild.

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