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Guide to Choosing the Best Crossbow In 2017

by Mazhar Aziz (writer), , April 18, 2017

Are you worried about choosing the right crossbow for you? No worries, here is the guide which will help you in the choice of the best crossbow in 2017.

Are you worried about choosing the right crossbow for you? No worries, here is the guide which will help you in the choice of the best crossbow in 2017. The popularity of crossbow is increasing rapidly because of its significant features and advantages. Crossbows are readily available, and it offers great features and technology for the help of hunters.

A large number of variety is available for crossbows, the beginners and even experienced hunters feel it difficult to find the best bow for them according to their needs. This guide is simplifying the process of selecting the right and best crossbow for you.

Here are three essential tips for choosing the best crossbow in 2017:

Understand the Basic Feature of Crossbow:

Before purchasing the crossbow for you, take some time and learn the essential features of crossbow available. Some basic features about crossbow are given here:

  • Weight and Dimension:

The sizes, weight, and dimension of each crossbow are different. Even the crossbows that are apparently same in size have different weights. The size and weight are important in selecting the crossbow, choose the right crossbow according to your requirement.

  • Draw Weight:

Look at the draw weight of crossbow, it tells about the amount of effort required to cock the bow. If the weight is higher, it’s difficult to draw the crossbow string.

  • Limb Style:

Two limb style categories of the crossbow are available, recurve crossbow and compound crossbow. Select the crossbow carefully while looking at the right limb style of your crossbow.

  • The speed of Arrow:

Different crossbows have different arrow speed. It measures in feet per second, FPS. The more powerful bows have higher FPS, and it is good for hunters because faster bows do not give time to the animals to react the sound of the crossbow.

Keep in Mind Your Game:

When you are going to buy a crossbow, remember your game and hunting animal. For different types of games, different bows are suitable. For the animals which are quicker, it's nice to use more crossbow or FPS. Make sure that you have right crossbow for your game. For example:

  • For rabbit hunting, crossbow draw weight is 159 pound and 220 or greater FPS.
  • For Large Bear and ELK, crossbow required with 175 pounds or greater draw weight and 220 or higher FPS.
  • For deer hunting, 150 pounds to 175 pounds draw weight needed with 220 or greater FPS.

Consider your Handling Capacity:

Most of the hunters go for buying bigger and faster crossbow, and they feel it difficult in handling this crossbow. Always select the crossbow according to your body type, and try to handle it first before purchasing.

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