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How to Factory Unlock iPhone and use any SIM?

by Muhammad Adil (writer), Dubai, April 25, 2019

What can you do if you have locked up your phone or if you have purchased a phone only to find that it is locked up?

What can you do if you have locked up your phone or if you have purchased a phone only to find that it is locked up? If you think of your iPhone as being a miniature computer, as it is made by apple computer company and has the capacities of a laptop computer in most cases, then you will see that you need to treat the locked up phone not like a mobile device but as a computer. This means that you need to reboot or reset the system. Here is now you can factory unlock your iPhone and use any SIM.

Step One: Try the turn on turn off method

While it is not recommended to turn on and off the phone constantly in this method, you can Factory Unlock any iPhone by simply clicking on the sleep/wake button or doing a “hard” reset. Give the phone some time to cool down (as overheating may have caused the freeze screen/lockout in the first place). Once the phone has been given a few minutes, try to turn the phone back on and get into your device. Should the device remain frozen, proceed to the full factory reset.

Step Two: Full Factory Reset

It is very easy to reset an iPhone to its factory settings. However, before you start, it is recommended that you switch your SIM card to avoid losing any data. You can copy the SIM card later to restore your settings and contacts, etc. To perform a hard reset:

    1.Hold the sleep/wake button as well as the Home button at the same time. Keep holding the two simultaneously until the power-off slider appears.

    2.Upon the power-slider appearance, keep holding the two buttons. The screen will go black. DO not release the buttons.

    3.Shortly after release you will see the apple logo on the screen. At this point you can release the buttons. It will take a few minutes to reset itself, but once it is done, you should be good to go.

Those which have an iPhone 7 should not hold down the home button. Instead hold down the volume down button and follow the same steps as mentioned above.

SIM security

It should be mentioned that those which wish to Factory Unlock any iPhone may have issues in doing so with phones newer than 3G. Apple has tightened down on its security and so the apps which in prior years you could download from the iTunes store, such is not the case anymore. To do an unlock with any SIMs you will need to get an expert to use a “flash” method. Keep in mind that this is NOT official and may void your warranty on your phone.

The only official means of using any SIM and Factory Unlocking any iPhone is to have the IMEI code and using your network provider to unlock the device. The provider can enter the IMEI number and get an unlock code from apple which they can then put into the reset website. An email will be sent with instructions to reboot the system. You can use a new SIM card for this operation (in fact it is advised).

SIM unlocking is not jailbreaking/rooting your device

SIM unlock is not jailbreaking. Both are legal to perform, but SIM unlocking makes your phone able to recognize different network carriers. This is mainly for phones which have come with a pre-banded device.

The easiest way

FCC regulations state that network carriers must unlock your phone when requested. There may be a duration of services required before your request can be processed, but most networks will have no problem in doing so, as long as you can provide the IMEI number. Those seeking to Factory Unlock iPhone should note that this may or may not be a free service. Contracts are typically covered under the factory reset, but pay-as-you-go services usually require a fee. Check with your service provider to find details on your specific phone.

Unlock versus Unblock

While you can Factory Unlock any iPhone and use any SIM, it is critical that you understand that there is a big difference between a locked phone and a blocked phone. A locked phone is due to a computer malfunction which needs to be reset. This is done by the IMED. A blocked phone is a security protocol from apple and other networks which render the device useless when it is reported lost or stolen. To protect yourself from purchasing a blocked phone, always ask the provider for the IMED and use an app such as IMEIPro to see if the phone has been blocked. Blocked phones cannot be factory reset, locked phones can.

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