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Sign of the Times- Harry Styles new single

by Karan Khanna (writer), , November 29, 2017

Harry Styles new song, "Sign of the Times" seems to be a political statement.

Harry styles, the heartthrob singer who is also famous as a member of the pop-rock band ‘One direction’ is back in action yet again as he released his first long-awaited solo titled ‘Sign of the Times’ on Friday, 7th April 2017.His song ‘Sign of the Times’ is produced by Jeff Bhasker and co-written by Styles himself. To be honest, the song truly arouses a rare and exceptional sensation altogether. Harry Styles has often been the talk of the town due to both his personal and professional life albeit the ‘boy band’ has been on a break since 2016. In one of his interviews recently, Styles told the host that he feels as if he had been hibernating for a long time and it’s time to give birth again. He said that this is his first debut single and he could not be prouder. He is the fourth member of the famous band ‘One Direction’ to pursue a solo music career now. The song ‘Sign of the Times’ has gained a lot of attention in just a couple of hours of its release and has broken the record for the fastest number one single on US iTunes. It is rather evident that his fans are exceedingly happy with his comeback and have undoubtedly lost it over his first solo single track.

Talking about the song, it’s more of an anthemic rock which is impressively rousing and uplifting. The song conceals in itself a deeper meaning of life, and highlights the political situations that we are in because of our inability to understand and communicate with each other ("If we never learn, we been here before/Why are we always stuck and running from/The bullets?"). It is definitely something different from all the other songs that Styles has previously been a part of. The lyrics of the song speak to everyone on a different level and the mere vibes of the song make it extremely unique and cool.

Apart from his fans, his own band member Liam also hopped onto Twitter to congratulate Styles for his new release saying that he was proud and glad that Harry was getting to do his own thing. Niall, another member of the ‘One Direction’ boy band, expressed his approval and warmth with a simple “love it”. His fans too, were not behind and took to twitter, to express how much they adored the song and embraced it in every way they could. They were completely in awe of the beauty that the song is full of; lyrics and the melody alike. The song came as a surprise for everyone as Styles tried something strikingly unforeseeable and absolutely nailed it.

Nevertheless, a video is expected to be on its way for the new single as Styles was seen hanging from a helicopter for a video shoot, which could befor his new record breaking number. Apart from the video, it is hard to tell if Styles will be releasing another single anytime soon or not.

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